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‘More party than watch’: Sanders, Warren supporters wait for Iowa caucus results


Campus politicos hosted watch parties Monday night to view caucus results from Iowa, the first state in the nation to weigh in on the Democratic candidates. They were left waiting for hours, however, as “quality control” checks held up the release of results. 

Awaiting the results in CoHo, members of Stanford for Warren remained upbeat. Organizer Harrison Bronfeld ’20 expressed his gratitude for the his group’s efforts.

“It seems like the Iowa Democratic Party is going to be counting and double checking things for a while,” Bronfeld said. “But we’re just excited to hang out with one another and celebrate all the work we’ve been doing up until tonight.”

He added that there was “more party than watch going on.”

Stanford Students for Bernie awaited the results nearby at Treehouse. Among them was Miikka Jaarte, a first-year philosophy Ph.D. student and organizer for Stanford Students for Bernie.

“We’re just frustrated it is taking way longer than it was hoped [but] we’re still hopeful,” he said. “Most of us are still sticking around, which is good, and we still think it could go alright.”

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