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19 things you can do during COVID-19 self-quarantine


  1. Look at all of the Facebook memes about coronavirus. I have some recommendations: “Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens,” our very own “Cardinal Confessions,” “Stanford Memes for Edgy Trees” and “OH at Stanford.”
  2. Send a confession about your almost-relationship to @stanfordmissedconnections on instagram.
  3. Stay informed about COVID-19 (,,
  4. Stare at your SimpleEnroll for spring quarter and think about what could have been.
  5. Buy “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and rot in your room for a week.
  6. Fall down endless rabbit holes of YouTube videos of very niche topics. (My favorite topic at the moment is Female Serial Killers.)
  7. Learn a skill that you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time to! (I’m going to try to learn CAD and improve my PhotoShop skills.)
  8. Get swole by lifting the stockpiled milk jugs that your dad bought.
  9. Read a book! We finally have the time 🙂
  10. Remember when you used to procrastinate studying by cleaning your room? Well, here’s the full version! It’s called cleaning your entire house!
  11. Also — remember all of those startup ideas that you and your friends came up with at 3 a.m. in your freshman dorm kitchenette? Well, here’s your chance to actually make one into a project!
  12. Cook meals for the people around you! Cleanly!
  13. Learn how to do the splits so that you can impress everyone at school when you get back. Your first action when you see them again will be you doing the splits.
  14. Flirt with a cutie during your Zoom class … Love will always be a contagious thing, even over the internet.
  15. Play the Sims: Make sims of all of your friends, build Stanford and think about could have been.
  16. Write a fan fiction! Twelve-year-old you would be so proud.
  17. Retail therapy! (online…)
  18. Relax and spend time on yourself! Take time to reflect on what has happened, slap on a face mask, take a bubble bath … You deserve it.
  19. Daydream.

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