Boredom in Quarantine

May 3, 2020, 11:03 p.m.

I’m a second year student in the design impact master’s program, and I’m taking Photography II: “Digital.” The first prompt for the course asked students to consider what are the semiotics, or symbols, of the quarantine.

“Semiotics of the Quarantine: What does boredom look like? For this first assignment, you are asked to signify the meaning of ‘boredom’ by representing it through personal and inventive interpretations.”

In my case, I decided to focus on the fact that suddenly everything in my quarantine life involves a screen — work, play, connection with people, exercise.

The text, font and message is based on Apple’s screen time reports that make me feel bad about myself, but at the same time, the screen is our connection to the outside world.

I pushed myself to be the subject of the photos, which was challenging in two ways. One, I’m not used to be at that side of the camera. And two, it was hard to set the camera (focus, timing and light) and then pose before it clicked.

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