Francois Klark’s track ‘Always’ perfectly complements Netflix film ‘Feel The Beat’ featuring Sofia Carson

July 20, 2020, 10:34 p.m.

Canadian singer Francois Klark’s song “Always” was featured in the Netflix dance film “Feel The Beat” featuring Sofia Carson. The artist’s official acoustic video garnered over 338K plays on YouTube, and the song has more than two million streams on Spotify.

The Universal Music Award Winner worked with choreographer Matthew Fata and featured culturally Deaf American Sign Language interpreter Sage Lovell in his ASL music video.

When Emmy Award-winning choreographer Mia Michaels (So You Think You Can Dance) listened to “Always” for the first time, she knew it would be a perfect fit for the movie. As a result, the song was used in multiple scenes throughout “Feel The Beat.” The release of the film also featured Sofia Carson performing the Spanish version of “Always.”

Aside from earning the Oscar Peterson Award and claiming the Standard Bank Awards for “Best Original Composition” and “Most Promising Performing Solo Artist,” Klark was also a finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards, the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the USA Songwriting Competition.

In addition, he opened for Jon Bellion (Grammy Winner: “The Monster” Rihanna) and performed on tours across the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and Spain.

According to Klark, he came up with songs and melodies while spending countless hours behind his grandpa’s piano at a very young age. During his childhood in South Africa, he joined as many choirs as possible.

“Choir exposed me to all the vibrant and diverse sounds of our beautiful nation. As a result, it sparked my interest in music from around the world,” Klark said. “My love for sitting at the piano while writing songs and exploring music from around the world inspires me to create music to this day.” 

The artist also claimed that he found his songwriting process very personal and calming. “It allows me an escape in which I can dream up stories, deal with issues that I’ve been thinking about and also put into words everything that is going on in my life.”

The singer revealed that “Always” was more of an autobiographical account and that there were many moments throughout the songwriting process in which he felt emotional.

“My emotional state is what encouraged me to write this song. It was initially quite tough to put into words how I felt,” Klark mentioned. “However, the writing of this particular song has been one of the most therapeutic experiences because I came to terms with many aspects of myself.”

The artist seemed to be on cloud nine when he found out that his song “Always” would be featured in a Netflix film and performed by Sofia Carson.

Francois Klark’s track ‘Always’ perfectly complements Netflix film ‘Feel The Beat’ featuring Sofia Carson(Photo: Francois Klark)

He expressed, “I was in complete disbelief that lasted pretty much until the moment I watched the film and heard the song in it.” 

The message of “Always” explores the depths of what it truly means to accept oneself for who they are.

“The song uses a metaphorical image of someone singing the words to a loved one or lover, but the lover or loved one in fact represents the self — the part of ourselves that we need to accept and learn to love,” Klark pointed out.

If Klark was given the opportunity to sing with an artist, he would love to do an acoustic duet on an old upright piano with Chris Martin.

The artist commented, “Why Chris Martin? I love his songwriting — his lyrics, melodic choices and chord changes. I also, more than anything, love to be around and work with good people. Chris comes across as a genuine mensch.” 

Klark’s favorite gigs were the ones with his friends from music school. However, if he had to exclusively choose one, it would have been the gig he played many years ago in Toronto at Tattoo when he opened for Jon Bellion.

“Aside from the fact that I could share the night with Jon and his incredible band, it was the audience that made that gig so memorable,” Klark remarked.

Francois Klark’s track ‘Always’ perfectly complements Netflix film ‘Feel The Beat’ featuring Sofia Carson(Photo: Francois Klark)

In a few years from now, the artist still sees himself writing songs, working on an album with Labrinth (Timothy Lee McKenzie), making music with musicians all over the world, traveling the world with his closest friends and spending beautiful moments with his family in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Klark finished with excellent advice for aspiring musicians who want their music to be featured in films one day.

“Write as much as you can. Work hard at your craft and work equally as hard at the business side of music,” he said. “If you put in the work, your music and the quality of your work will be noticed. Also, don’t force anything — that never turns out well.”

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