TikTok star Emily Vu’s single ‘Just Wait’ explores the vulnerability of falling in love

July 27, 2020, 11:57 a.m.

TikTok star Emily Vu released her single “Just Wait” on July 24, which was accompanied with a music video. For the first time, the artist opened up about her sexuality — a significant moment for her. The music video portrayed gorgeous women that exemplified the numerous relationships that Vu had. The beautiful, queer undertone in the music video was a perfect way for Vu to come out without saying too much.

Vu collaborated with multi-platinum producer Sir Nolan (who has worked with artists like Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez) and Andrew Schmidt aka SZNS, for her pop song “Just Wait” and other tracks. 

The SoCal native is a rising pop star who accumulated a universal fanbase of 1.4M TikTok followers, 388K Instagram followers and 4M+ Spotify streams. Earning support from Hollywood Life, Ones To Watch and Popular TV, Vu is definitely an artist you need to watch out for.

Vu said that she started playing instruments when she was four years old.

“That is definitely the root of my love for music. I knew I didn’t want to work a 9-5 job my whole life. Doing what I love just makes sense,” Vu mentioned.

(Photo: Brian Tampol)

Aside from sharing covers on her social media and building an amazing relationship with her fans, the singer said that TikTok had a huge impact on her life and career.

“TikTok has influenced my life greatly — from meeting lifelong friends to meeting the amazing team I am blessed with now,” Vu stated.

When it comes to having a unique songwriting formula, the artist said that she starts off with chords that she feels a connection with.

Vu stated, “From there, I write down all my feelings onto a sheet of paper or little words that would explain what I’m feeling.”

The idea of her new track “Just Wait” emerged when Vu was in session with her friend SZNS.

“Usually, when we work together, he’ll take some time to produce the instrumental before we start writing,” Vu said. “While he was producing ‘Just Wait,’ I had the chorus melody stuck in my head, so I just sat down and started writing it. We both loved it, and it continued from there.”

(Photo: Brian Tampol)

Vu explained the message of the track and said, “it’s OK to not be ready for something so serious yet.”

She continued, “The whole song is talking about how in my past, I’ve been hurt and lost myself completely. But when I met this girl, I knew I didn’t want it to go the same way. So, I hope that they’ll wait for me while I try to find myself.” 

The “Just Wait” music video was filmed in the backyard of the studio. Vu said that the striking key image of the video was when she was laying down on the grass with all of the girls surrounding her. “It was one of my favorite scenes to shoot,” she said.

(Photo: Brian Tampol)

“The music video reflects how my past relationships are still burdens to me and how I still carry those experiences with me wherever I am,” Vu mentioned. “I see myself being really happy with my life in a few years. I want to be happy with all that I’ve been doing and all the people I’m around.”

It was pride month last June, and the artist advised those who want to come out to take their time.

“Don’t be afraid to be different, and don’t be afraid to take a chance. Take your time! Coming out is a very special thing. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.”

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Ron Rocky Coloma writes about entertainment and artist features. He is interested to pursue a career on the business side of media and entertainment. Ron Rocky is the Financial Officer, Account Manager, and Social Media Director for Vol. 260. Contact him at [email protected]

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