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Singer and professional model C. SHIROCK discusses his single ‘All We Have Is This Moment’


C. SHIROCK’s single “All We Have Is This Moment” serves as an inspiration to live fully today and a reminder to be constantly present. The alternative pop singer has always loved pop music, specifically “the melodies, the rhythm and the craft of great songwriting.” 

C. SHIROCK garnered musical success, and has been featured in a motley of TV networks, such as MTV, NBC and ABC. In addition, the songwriter performed at massive summer festivals with hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, alongside acts like Twenty One Pilots, Cage The Elephant and Manchester Orchestra.

Aside from music, C. SHIROCK is also a professional model who has worked with American Eagle and Hollister. His face has appeared in campaigns around the world. Furthermore, the singer is involved with charity work and has partnered with diverse homeless and poverty-focused organizations. 

(Photo: Daniella Midenge)

The singer’s profound passion for music began when he started playing piano at around 4 years old. His parents were also heavily involved in art and music. 

“I’ve loved music whether it’d be creating or performing. I moved around a lot growing up, and piano was always something I would go to, to feel at home,” C. SHIROCK said. “My mom was a professional ballet dancer, and grew up playing piano most of her life. My dad is a great jazz guitarist, and his dad (my grandfather) was a professional jazz pianist in his 20’s.” 

C. SHIROCK’s favorite Bruce Springsteen quote is, “[V]erses are the blues, the chorus is the gospel.” He is inspired by artists like Troye Sivan who seems to draw influence from the past, but in a very modern and fresh way for his music.  

“My favorite music is vulnerable, honest and not afraid of the good and bad in life. I love anthemic choruses, and intimate personal verses. I also always have loved rhythms that make you move,” C. SHIROCK said.

The artist confessed that he sometimes tried to follow a formula when writing songs, but it never felt inspiring or moving to him. 

He said, “Unless it sparks something in me, I usually don’t pursue the idea. There are certain creative ‘tricks’ I sometimes use to get my mind moving when I feel stuck.” 

If C. SHIROCK is working on the music for a track, he will sometimes switch instruments and see where that takes him. For lyrics, he’ll read poetry or philosophy sometimes. 

“I’ll dig for new sounds I’ve never heard in my synths instead of going to the ones I usually know will work, and the songs come different for me every time,” the artist said.

C. SHIROCK mentioned that some sessions felt like “gifts” he had been entrusted with. “They show up with a melody and a lot of the lyrics come quickly. Others feel like massive labors of love — like I’m mining for something special that I know is in there, but it’s like you have to fight to get it out.”  

(Photo: Allister Ann)

The idea for his single “All We Have Is This Moment” emerged when he was working on another song called “Eyes Of Sorrow.” 

“In the second chorus of ‘Eyes Of Sorrow,’ there’s a low vocal chant that says ‘all we have is this moment, and the moment is gone.’ I remember hearing a chant part when I was working on that track. I immediately thought that I should use that as its own song,” C. SHIROCK said.  

When he started writing “All We Have Is This Moment,” he reminisced about all of the moments in his life that he missed because he was too focused on the future.  

“One of the biggest lessons in my life has been to stay ‘present’ — to live immediately. We have no promise of tomorrow, and especially in times like this, we have no idea what the future holds,” the artist said. “But we have this moment. We have today. This song is a reminder to me to live fully wherever I am.” 

C. SHIROCK hopes that in the midst of the pandemic, “All We Have Is This Moment” will serve as a reminder that the past is behind, and the future lies out of everyone’s control. It is vital to stay awake and to stay present.  

(Photo: Emilia Paré)

In five years, the singer hopes to be creating music that is honest and vulnerable. He also wants to have a family, spend more of his time between a big city and somewhere very remote.

“I hope to be more present in my life. I hope to be consistently more at ease and less concerned with my own ego. I hope to be more inspired and alive than I have ever been before,” he said.

C. SHIROCK’s most unforgettable gig was a performance at an old warehouse in Alabama.

The model described the scenery, “You had to take a freight elevator up. We were performing with some local bands, and it was a small show, but the energy in the room felt electric. I remember it was hot and humid — the southern American summer — and there were probably about 150 or so people at the show, but it was a special one.”

(Photo: Allister Ann)

C. SHIROCK encouraged singers to get to the heart of who they truly are and what they want to say. He said it can be figured out when one is not afraid to start. 

“There are things you’ll figure out as you go that you could never have learned in your room. Share your work — write, release and perform when you can. Don’t be too hesitant about it, and strive for vulnerability in your work.”

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