‘Love is Blind,’ Tree Edition, Ep. 1: Phineas and Ferb; Dungeons and Dragons; busy, busy lives

Sept. 15, 2020, 4:44 p.m.

Only a few hours after the show’s group chat had been made, the moderators threw the contestants a curveball: In the first minigame, each contestant had to choose one person as their favorite based on first impressions alone. They were scored based on how much the audience agreed with that pairing.

Joelle Mayweather and Dragon of the Stressed came out on top, choosing each other and being voted as the best first impression matches. Joelle also has cute earrings.

Faire N. Hyte, who was again busy working right before filming his video diary (get that bread!), came in a close second with yes homo. Both of these matches are wholesome, and we’re rooting for them. 

The Harbinger of Shadows was busy asking about nudes and exposing all the Dungeons & Dragons players just to cancel them. We think he probably marked himself as chaotic evil on the alignment chart. He also thought Coffee Cup was “digging it,” but she seemed less than impressed. 

Both Coffee Cup and TSMA have expressed that they do not vibe with Harbinger (beef already, I know), but in the spirit of kindness we hope they get along better as the days go by.

Thankfully, he’s getting along with Papi Pablo, who’s calling him a “homie.” Friendship is good, too. We like friendship. Joelle and hotpot both made connections with flip flop, who said earlier that she’s really here to make friends. 

In a twist of fate, TSMA nearly had a meet cute with hotpot — and considering they both spend time with The Daily, we’re not opposed to this happening. Actually, there are several contestants on campus, which makes post-show socially-distanced dates a real possibility.

The moderators have had their bit of drama with the contestants as well. The details aren’t clear, but it looks like the creators somehow “forgot” about Papi Pablo. Thankfully, he and Moscow Moo seem to be hitting it off. Princess Pineapple and Crepe Cake, meanwhile, are both going for Momo’s heart. Momo is a show host, but we haven’t heard any rules regarding that yet! 

Crepe Cake and Honeycrisp are vibing, but if the former’s lighthearted rivalry with Princess Pineapple turns into something more we’re also here for it. They seem to be worthy opponents.

Where is Fresh Mango? When will the “Avatar: the Last Airbender” theme start to factor into the minigames? Will these first impression connections remain or will there be new alliances to come? Find out tomorrow at @loveisblindstanford!

Favorite lines:
Michaela: “I feel like I get the most excited when he sends me messages? No. I’m not catching feelings for a Bitmoji, I’m telling you that right now.” – Moscow Moo
Nicole: “The administration forgot about me, so a little offended, but it is what it is.” – Papi Pablo (I, Nicole, also know how it feels to be forgotten about by the administration.)

Favorite “couples”:
Michaela: Princess Pineapple and Crepe Cake. Enemies to lovers trope! 
Nicole: TSMA and hotpot (I’m a sucker for the rom-com meet cute)

Contact Nicole Tong at nwtong ‘at’ stanford.edu and Michaela Guo at mcguo ‘at’ stanford.edu.

Nicole Tong '24 is the Reads beat desk editor. Contact The Daily’s Arts & Life section at arts ‘at’ stanforddaily.com.Michaela Guo is a staff writer in the News section. She is a freshman and plans to study Human Biology and Asian American studies. Contact her at mguo ‘at’ stanforddaily.com.

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