‘Love is Blind,’ Tree Edition, Ep. 2: the second coming of quasi-Jesus Christ

Sept. 16, 2020, 8:59 p.m.

If you’re wondering, apparently Coffee Cup can walk on water. No explanation has been given.

Today’s mini-game was the classic two truths and a lie: the winners, Crepe Cake and yes homo, won by fishing out the most lies. Popular video diary mentions, romantic and platonic, include Papi Pablo, Pineapple Princess, yes homo and Moscow Moo.

Just as important, Fresh Mango finally appeared to talk about play-fighting and cuddling, and it won him a spot in our first love triangle, which is just so exciting! 

Coffee Cup made a comment today about trying to soften her two truths for the mini-game because apparently everyone else’s were “benign,” but we want to know! Coffee Cup, if you’re reading this (which you shouldn’t be, but we don’t know how to block you), show us your spiciest secrets if you want. (Please.) 

On a positive note that makes us feel all fuzzy inside, the chemistry between Joelle Mayweather and Dragon of the Stressed as well as TSMA and hotpot is still going strong. 

In the spirit of the first day of classes, we’re excited to see that Coffee Cup and flip flop are bonding over academic interests. We also want to take a moment to recognize Honeycrisp, who’s caught between her classes and co-directing the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Society’s bootcamp, and Faire N. Hyte, who’s balancing work, classes, the emotional turmoil of this show and life. 

A slightly less appreciative shout-out to Crepe Cake for calling us incoming frosh “glorified high-schoolers.” We’re not saying he’s wrong, but it sure hasn’t stopped him from picking Pineapple Princess as his No. 1. And even though she picked him last time, her affections are now given to and returned by none other than Papi Pablo. 

The age-old question (get it): how much does age matter in a relationship? It’s true that “fire Reddit memes” and a love for Taco Bell are definite green flags, as Crepe Cake says, but is the age difference a dealbreaker? Still, we’re living for Pineapple Princess’ video edits, and thanks to her, Aglet is stuck in our heads.

In other news, what the Harbinger of Shadows apparently lacks in desirability (it’s not us, it’s the editing), he can compensate for with a chatty version of his very own Chloe Ting workout.

Are we too emotionally invested? Are we leaving our IntroSems early to witness this phenomenon that is 16 strangers (or maybe not — Coffee Cup thinks she knows who Russian Party Vibe is and matched with him this round) living their best lives? No comment.

Favorite “couples”:

Michaela: TSMA and hotpot. With Daily love?

Nicole: So is this love triangle equilateral or a 45-45-90 or…?

Favorite quotes:

Michaela: “Noodlehead energy.” — Moscow Moo

Nicole: “I know the contestants are blind but the audience isn-asdjdsafsfroghrgihlashfs.” — Harbinger of Shadows

Contact Nicole Tong at nwtong ‘at’ stanford.edu and Michaela Guo at mcguo ‘at’ stanford.edu.

Nicole Tong '24 is the Reads beat desk editor. Contact The Daily’s Arts & Life section at arts ‘at’ stanforddaily.com.Michaela Guo is a staff writer in the News section. She is a freshman and plans to study Human Biology and Asian American studies. Contact her at mguo ‘at’ stanforddaily.com.

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