‘Love is Blind,’ Tree Edition, Ep. 4: One goodbye and frog terrariums

Sept. 19, 2020, 4:18 p.m.

We were actually wondering how the show creators were going to edit the intro with 17 people, but I guess we don’t have to wonder anymore. Today’s minigame, Stanford x Survivor, eliminated Harbinger of the Shadows and declared Honeycrisp and TSMA winners by contestants’ popular vote.

It was a close call, with Harbinger and Russian Party Vibe as the most unpopular candidates, although there were a few candidates looking to get rid of “competition” (or “apex predators,” as Harbinger described himself. Hmm.) Reasons for Harbinger included weird vibes and inactivity in the chat. As for Russian Party Vibe, more than one contestant found rumors about him distasteful.

Honeycrisp and TSMA were well-loved by other members for their wholesome attitudes and easy conversations (except for a sellout joke from TSMA which Fresh Mango didn’t respond to well). We’ve seen a four-day streak for TSMA and hotpot and for Joelle Mayweather and Dragon of the Stressed! If that doesn’t spell success for them, we don’t know what does.

TSMA originally planned to use this episode’s win to check if hotpot was also ranking him as her No. 1, but then decided to “go all or nothing” and trust her. He has nothing to worry about, as hotpot said “TSMA and I might be endgame.” I love you 3000?

For his Ep. 2 minigame win, Crepe Cake chose to ask the audience which contestant he would match best with, and according to him, the results favored Honeycrisp by a wide margin. He shared this information with Honeycrisp this episode, but she told the audience that “not every conversation flows” between them and that “he’s so funny and I’m not funny.” Personally, we think Honeycrisp is hilarious, but we hope that their future interactions go as smoothly as her post-3 a.m. conversations with Faire N. Hyte about dogs and baking.

Pineapple Princess is taking well to her alias, filming a video diary complete with a pineapple beach umbrella and sharing that she discussed pineapple-related topics with both Fresh Mango and Honeycrisp. Do we call them the Fruit Trio?

Well-intentioned motives aside, Coffee Cup voted Crepe Cake out based on self-admitted pettiness. But we still wish her the happiest of days with flip flop; she has a frog terrarium so there’s really nothing we can say.

Now that we’re midway into the season, we took some time to ask viewers Gabby Rincon ’24 and Amira Dehmani ’24, both watchers of the original Netflix “Love Is Blind,” for their thoughts on the episodes and contestants so far. 

“I like that there’s a little bit of drama going on. It’s getting a little spicier every day,” Dehmani said. “I love that they kicked off Harbinger of Shadows. That made me very happy. I guess Russian Party Vibe is the villain of the season now. But Harbinger of the Shadows was the villain for me from the start.”

Dehmani also expressed hopes that we might see a minigame that lets us get to know the contestants better as opposed to going for the shock factor through “dirty and promiscuous” screenshots. Rincon had similar concerns about forming connections online and shared her own experience with “blind” friending.

“It’s definitely harder to make deeper and more meaningful connections, but it’s really good for getting to know a lot of people fast,” Rincon said.

Our whole class has spent a good amount of time on Club Cardinal and speed friending, so we wholeheartedly agree.

Though problem sets and readings are stacking up (starting to regret those 20 units right about now), we’re still just as committed to this show. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Love is Blind Stanford”!

Favorite “couples”:

Michaela: Papi Pablo and Pineapple Princess. Nothing to say here except Taco Bell. Cinnamon Roll Twists.

Nicole: Coffee Cup and Crepe Cake. Rip to that.

Bonus (from the viewers):

Amira: Honeycrisp and Crepe Cake! ‘The Lauren and Cameron of the season” — bold statement, but we like it!

Gabby: flip flop and Coffee Cup.

Favorite quotes :

Michaela: “I’m not good at decisions, which is not going to go well on this show, actually.” — flip flop

Nicole: “My number one for today is back to being Papi Pablo because, well, he responded to my text.” — Moscow Moo

Contact Nicole Tong at nwtong ‘at’ stanford.edu and Michaela Guo at mcguo ‘at’ stanford.edu.

Nicole Tong '24 is the Reads beat desk editor. Contact The Daily’s Arts & Life section at arts ‘at’ stanforddaily.com.Michaela Guo is a staff writer in the News section. She is a freshman and plans to study Human Biology and Asian American studies. Contact her at mguo ‘at’ stanforddaily.com.

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