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‘Love is Blind,’ Tree Edition, Finale: 12/17 reach the Hall of Fame

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We don’t know if it was just us, but hearing that intro sequence for the last time gave us chills. Our final successful couples: Joelle Mayweather and Dragon of the Stressed (obviously), Fresh Mango and yes homo, Moscow Moo and Papi Pablo, Coffee Cup and flip flop and TSMA and hotpot.

Dragon of the Stressed and Joelle Mayweather had a conversation on everything from whether appearances matched expectations to their phone calls the previous day to their opinions on the other contestants. 

Fresh Mango and yes homo talked about why they chose each other and how they bonded over similar childhood experiences and upbringings. Despite a slight misstep when Fresh Mango chose to marry yes homo in Episode 5’s minigame and yes homo chose to kill him, they had their happily ever after.

Whether it was Moscow Moo yelling “idiot” before the countdown to the face reveal or Papi Pablo doing his best to avoid exposing himself through the questions, we think their relationship is the funniest. Moscow Moo mentioned that his voice sounds really young, which makes us wonder whether or not she, a senior, knows that he’s a freshman.

Coffee Cup and flip flop were all smiles and both said they knew they were going to choose each other without talking to other contestants before discussing minigame results and the contents of their recap videos. Coffee Cup mentioned that she thinks love is more blind than she did before, which warmed our hearts.

Crepe Cake and Pineapple Princess ended up choosing each other despite the age difference concerns, and revealed that their phone call lasted comfortably for 40 minutes. As is only natural, they started fighting over Momo again. Both said they think they’ll know what love is when it hits them. 

TSMA and hotpot, our favorite Daily couple, are dating! They’re dating! They talked about their recap videos and family, and did we mention that they decided they’re dating? 

It’s been an illuminating experience to watch people connect over anonymous group chats, especially since, according to several contestants in their final Zoom calls, this show brought together some people who might not have ever met each other otherwise. We’re so happy to see 12 out of the 17 total contestants find a match that they really vibe with and, maybe most importantly, for all the contestants to form some really cool friendships along the way. 

We thank you for reading our column and making the beginning of our college experience all the more exciting. In the words of the one and only Crepe Cake, “Peace.”

Favorite “couples”:

Michaela: Not as a couple, but Pineapple Princess and Papi Pablo! Cheers for my fellow freshmen.

Nicole: Fresh Mango and yes homo. The road was rocky (yes homo literally killed his partner), but I’m a sucker for the chemistry anyway.

Favorite quotes:
Michaela: “Are we dating now?” “Yeah, I think so.” – TSMA and hotpot

Nicole: “Wow, you really are the hottest, okay.” – Dragon of the Stressed to Joelle Mayweather

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Michaela Guo is a staff writer in the News section. She is a freshman and plans to study Human Biology and Asian American studies. Contact her at mguo ‘at’