Season 2, ep. 1 of ‘Love is Blind,’ Tree Edition: WE’RE BACK

Dec. 9, 2020, 7:03 p.m.

New “Love is Blind” season, new quarter, new us. Just kidding! If we still haven’t received our grades yet, did this quarter even happen? The number of p-set PDFs in our files says yes. 

But now that we’ve settled into our childhood bedrooms for a seven-week hibernation, it’s time to get back to living vicariously through our peers. Quick summary of how this works: 16 anonymous people spend one week in a group chat and private DMs, playing daily minigames and falling in love. We get to see screenshots and individual video diaries. 

First impressions: Why did almost everyone choose food for their nicknames? We don’t know. What we do know is that when you boil soda and the water evaporates, you get a really gross looking sugary tar. You have to wonder what Boiled Soda was thinking there.

We’re still learning about the contestants, but here’s what we’re looking forward to: wholesome friendships, first and foremost. We’re sad that a lot of the matches from Season 1 fizzled out according to LIB Stanford’s Instagram updates (besides the meant-to-be love story of hotpot and TSMA). Is a week too short to really click with someone, whether it’s platonically or romantically? We’ve spent some time thinking about how to get close with someone as fast as possible and we have two ideas: play Among Us, or impulsively write a column together for a reality show about your classmates’ love lives. Either works.

With all that said, join us for the second season of “Love is Blind Stanford”: It’ll be just as heartfelt, entertaining and spicy of a journey as the first. 

Ep. 1: Spotify playlists = Love at first listen

It’s only been one day and the busiest participant looks like Snickerdoodle, who is doing everything from swapping playlists with secretly grandma to having conversations in Spanish and Mandarin with theThotThatCounts. 

Snickerdoodle and Hibiscus both had three or more contestants pick them as first choices — as they should! Over the next few days, we’re eager to see the charm and charisma of the other participants, too. Some woke up late to the party, and while we haven’t gotten to know them too well yet, that kind of sleep schedule is exactly what some people bond over.

Most of the contestants discussed forming friendships and bonding over everything from staff training to musical theater, which makes us happy. Nutter Butter, an obvious peanut butter fanatic, was quite pleased to discover that Hibiscus, his first choice, did not have a nut allergy. Nothing says a match made in heaven like two PB lovers.

Some also approach the potential for finding out who another contestant is very differently; while Kale Chips and Checkmate are trying to dance around the CS section leader topic, Lemon Tree wants to find out who Hibiscus is “before she knows who I am.” Sneaky, sneaky. And kudos to the contestants who are providing captions!

Speaking of past contestants, Corey Baker ’22 and Allen Tordecillas ’23, formerly Dragon of the Stressed and Faire N. Hyte, are now part of the production team! 

It looks like Dragon of the Stressed passed on their spreadsheet crown to Boiled Soda, who has already made a spreadsheet to keep track of contestants and interactions. We hope he’ll make that public information at some point. 

While Snickerdoodle and Hibiscus are the current frontrunners, there is still plenty of time for group dynamics and relationships to change. Will the two continue to capture one-sided love or will the heavy sleepers have their chance to shine? We’ll find out soon!

Favorite “couples”

Michaela: Snickerdoodle and secretly grandma

Nicole: Snickerdoodle and theThotThatCounts

Favorite quotes

Michaela: “I thought [Nutter Butter] was sneaky at first because he said he’s in the startup garage.” -Hibiscus 

Nicole: “I think people like each other…there’s no Season 1 Harbinger of Shadows’ drama.” -Boiled Soda

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