Season 2, eps. 2-3 of ‘Love is Blind,’ Tree Edition: Allergic and not-so-anonymous

Dec. 14, 2020, 3:49 p.m.

It’s officially the second day of Love is Blind Stanford and the drama is already heating up. First things first, Lemon Tree and Garam Masala won Day 2’s minigame by correctly matching the most fun facts to contestants. 

While there was a close call or two last season with getting identities revealed, no contestant ever openly stated that they definitely knew who someone else was — but in ep. 2, secretly grandma messaged Garam Masala with his real name after his fun fact exposed him during the minigame. We guess we should be glad not too many people get hit with cars on campus (which we have yet to see). Lemon Tree and Hibiscus also figured out each other’s identities by the end of Ep. 3.

Tapioca Pearl has a peanut allergy, which means it’s strictly platonic from here on out with Nutter Butter and his peanut butter obsession. We didn’t know allergies could make people romantically incompatible, but there it is. Multiple contestants commented on Snickerdoodle’s Rice Purity score of 16, and secretly grandma had concerns about the number of head injury-related facts.

Day 3’s minigame was similar to Cards Against Humanity, but Stanford-themed! 

We didn’t get to see exactly what that looked like, but perhaps that’s a secret for another time. On a more interesting note, some took matters into their own hands and created their own side mini-game of “Hot Seat,” or as Lemon Tree smoothly articulated, “Lukewarm Seat.” Rather than spicy questions, these vibes were more wholesome. Some seemed disappointed (what were you hoping to find out?), but some were content in getting to know each other on a wholesome level.

Two love triangles have developed between Snickerdoodle, secretly grandma and Boiled Soda along with Kit Kat, Kale Chips and theThotThatCounts. These triangles center around secretly grandma and Kit Kat. Kale Chips believes he and Kit Kat share similar outlooks on life, while theThotThatCounts enjoys having in-depth conversations with Kit Kat. But theThotThatCounts also seemed impressed by Kale Chips’ willingness to sacrifice in League of Legends, perhaps the best example of soulmate material for CS kids.

Meanwhile, secretly grandma is wrestling with her emotions for Snickerdoodle’s warmth versus Boiled Soda’s chaotic humor. Both are already charmed by secret grandma’s sweet personality — wait until they see her pink hair and rocking chair.

While all contestants are now fully awake, though we couldn’t blame them for sleeping, we are hoping some reach out to more than one or two people. Garam Masala made his move on Katara by sliding into her DMs, but she hasn’t responded yet. We’re excited to watch Turtle #1 take initiative after she finishes her hair!

However, what we love seeing the most is the blossoming of platonic love. theThotThatCounts best put it as having “freshman year spontaneity” — we personally feel a little jaded after fall quarter, but we know what you mean. These platonic connections could also be partially due to those identity reveals; Lemon Tree was offended that Hibiscus took so long to realize who he was, but claims this now gives them an alliance of sorts.

Will some contestants remain at the forefront, capturing hearts left and right while others struggle with shooting their shot? Will the hot seat questions get spicier? As always, we’ll find out soon!

Favorite “couples”

Michaela: Kale Chip and theThotThatCounts. Make this a real love triangle.

Nicole: Nutter Butter and Tapioca Pearl. A peanut allergy never stopped anyone…right?

Favorite quotes

Michaela: “I wish the contestants could see how cute I look today!” -Snickerdoodle

Nicole: “I can’t make decisions. That’s kind of my brand.” -secretly grandma

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