Ariana Grande’s ‘excuse me, i love you’ captures the hearts of long-time enthusiasts

Jan. 20, 2021, 8:27 p.m.

“excuse me, i love you” is a concert documentary that covers Ariana Grande’s 2019 Sweetener World Tour, which consisted of tracks from her “Sweetener” and “thank u, next” albums.

The 97-minute film was very pleasant and appeasing, especially for fans who followed Grande’s artistic journey ever since her first album “Yours Truly.” “excuse me, i love you” perfectly highlights Grande’s soaring vocals and harmonic whistles as well as her sensual and expressive choreography.

“excuse me, i love you” provides a full concert experience from the comfort of home. From backstage interactions to live performances in London, viewers capture a glimpse of Grande’s daily routine while on tour. Although I enjoyed the concert documentary, adding shows from various countries could have diversified appeal and intimacy to fans around the world. Grande is a global superstar, so it would have made sense if every single performance was from another country or from shows that truly touched her heart. 

“excuse me, i love you” undoubtedly portrays Grande as a flexible and effortlessly brilliant musician. It is very noticeable that Grande and her team carefully plotted every single performance and brought the singer’s tracks to life through astounding visual effects, ardent choreography and angelic vocals.

Unfortunately, the film did not include many off-stage scenes that delved deeper into Grande’s personality and her preparation for her most acclaimed tour. In the scenes included in the film, however, Grande was seen as a comical and generous friend to her fellow crew, musicians and dancers.

Tiny bits of rehearsal clips and pre-show rituals showed Grande’s strong bond with her team — closely resembling familial ties. Her humor and bubbly personality were captured when she Facetimed Kristin Chenoweth while picking up dog poop.

“excuse me, i love you” also had moments when Grande was in awe, such as when Mariah Carey tasked her to be featured on her 25th anniversary “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singalong video, or when she screamed in delight with her dancers after finding out that the president of the United States had been impeached.

Although the film did not portray Grande’s obstacles during the tour that impacted her personal growth, it made me feel like I was in the front row of the audience screaming her bangerz with my friends at the top of our lungs while we entered a blissful dimension.

Even if there weren’t too many backstage clips in “excuse me, i love you,” I am convinced that Grande will release another documentary in the future that will narrate her life story and the problems she has overcome. “excuse me, i love you” was meant to be enjoyable and serve as a digital gateway for fans who weren’t able to experience the Sweetener World Tour live.

I’d recommend “excuse me, i love you” to Grande’s long-time enthusiasts since they’ve watched previous interviews, performances, award shows and tours to understand the artist’s stories expressed during her tour performances. On the other hand, curious viewers who only have superficial knowledge of Grande’s history will not fully appreciate the entirety of the film. Further, they might find it bland.

I began and finished “excuse me, i love you” with the same respect for Grande’s music and artistry. It was very relieving to see her back on stage after the Manchester bombing, since she initially declared that she was never going to perform again after the horrifying incident. The Sweetener Tour did not only save Grande’s fans; it also saved her from her demons. “excuse me, i love you” perfectly depicted Grande in a better state — ready to rule pop music once again.

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