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A year passed, 2020

March 15, 2021, 7:26 p.m.

It has been one year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In recognition of this anniversary, we asked our readers to send in photos of their personal experiences throughout the last year. From spontaneous adventures to online bonding, 2020 brought many new memories and will certainly be remembered for years to come.

Click on each photo to read the story behind it.

"True spontaneity"
"This December was the longest I'd have time off work *ever* due to the winter closure. I had to do something... in a 24-hour planning flurry, I decided to roadtrip out to the southwest and #recreateresponsibly through national parks. During this trip I got to travel to my tribe's pueblo town to discover where part of my Native heritage originated from, canyoneer down cliffs and hike the Zion Narrows, spend Xmas eve-day riding mules in the Grand Canyon, and really test what true spontaneity means as a mid-winter explorer." (Photo: Courtesy of Nora Cata)
"Chinese New Year"
"This was taken at the Wilbur's Chinese New Year dinner. Crazy to think how many people were there just before everything went down." (Photo: Courtesy of a Stanford sophomore)
"Back on the tennis courts"
Back on the tennis courts, 18 months after a spinal cord injury left Maxwell Ahlquist paralyzed from the chest down. (Photo: Courtesy of Maxwell Ahlquist)
"Seafood boil"
Stanford Women’s Volleyball Freshman, Malialani Tufuga, celebrated her 18th birthday with a seafood boil surrounded by fellow teammates and her brother, Mason, of the Stanford Men’s Volleyball Team. (Photo: Courtesy of Yvette Tufuga)
"Dorm meet"
Camryn Pak and others from the dorm meet for Soto’s end of the year banquet. (Photo: CAMRYN PAK/The Stanford Daily)
"Jewelry business"
Maleah Webster spent a lot of time working on her jewelry business on instagram, @claybykorin. (Photo: MALEAH WEBSTER/The Stanford Daily)
Stanford Women’s Volleyball spent the first quarter bonding in a sunny Southern California beach house. Pictured are Kendall Kipp, Natalie Berty, Alex Lougeay, Malia Tufuga, and Caitie Baird. (Photo: Courtesy of Yvette Tufuga)
"Take out"
Mingqian Tan and Calvin Taylor photograph a quarter’s worth of take out materials from dining halls. (Photo: Courtesy of Mingqian Tan and Calvin Taylor)
"Natural world"
"This past year, I discovered and explored outdoor spaces near my hometown I never even knew existed. I found peace in interacting with and admiring our amazing natural world." (Photo: ANDY HUYNH/The Stanford Daily, Courtesy of Frank Goodavish)

Andy Huynh '23 is Managing Editor of the Photo and Video. Outside of The Daily, he enjoys hiking the outdoors and wildlife photography. He also loves the Star Wars and Marvel cinematic universes!

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