April 4, 2021, 10:07 p.m.

In the spirit of National Poetry Month, over the next few days Reads will be publishing five original poems, submitted by Stanford students and chosen by the Arts & Life editors. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and continue to read, write and celebrate poetry.

Ye tablet of digital joy 
Sprung from the depths of Amazon, 
Sing to me the words of Homer, 
Morrison and Rowling. 
Enchant me, O E-reader 
And grant me quiet blessing. 

Take me to the land of fantasy 
Where hope still burns and dreams intertwine 
And adulthood is yet divine; 
Take me to the world 
Where childhood runs free 
And thought reigns supreme. 

Yon screen hath seen better days, 
Hath touched the sands of Troy 
And climbed the Yellow Mountain. 
Yon screen hath cradled tears, 
Fended off bread crumbs, 
And yet lived to tell your tales. 

O Kindle, my Kindle, 
My steadfast companion, 
My childhood treasure, 
My compatriot in foreign lands 
And wellspring of pleasure, 
Now must I say goodbye. 

Your light yet flickers 
And fan yet whimpers, 
But only just, 
And retire you must. 
Gray square of endless delight, 
Now must I say goodbye. 

You raised me up from nothing
And made me better. 
You taught me what it meant 
To know books to the letter. 

But now I must send you away 
To the powers that be, 
To the Chinese recycling center 
Where you shall be free. 

Goodbye old friend, 
Teacher of men, 
And thanks for the memories.

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