The Treehouse elected as 2021-22 sophomore class presidents

May 3, 2021, 10:02 p.m.

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Members of The Treehouse slate, Jack Scala ’24, Easha Nandyala ’24, Michael Chhay ’24 and Daily reporter Hannah Basali ’24, were elected as 2021-22 sophomore class presidents on Monday.

The Treehouse ran against Cardinal Cool, TreeTops and 24K Magic. When finding out that they were elected, members reacted with joy and optimism for the upcoming year.

“Finding out the Treehouse won was a surreal moment!” Nandyala wrote. “I believed in our slate and vision so much, so to celebrate and share this happiness with my passionate and deserving co-presidents was the best part.”

Scala added that The Treehouse already has envisioned events for the Class of 2024: “We have a lot planned for next year, including events that will take place at the start of our sophomore year, so we can formally welcome our class to campus. The success of these events hinges upon lots of prep work that we are excited to now formally break ground on!”

The Tree Huggers were reelected to serve as junior class presidents and ran uncontested. The Stanford LorAXE beat out Work Card Play Carder to return as senior class presidents, earning 220 out of 310 votes.

This article has been updated to include quotes from Nandyala and Scala.

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