Top 5 pizza restaurants in Palo Alto

Aug. 6, 2021, 10:11 p.m.

Everyone knows pizza — and their pizza preferences. Because of the minimal ingredient list, people can be very picky about how they like their slices. From affordable snacks for students to high-end delicacies, here are the top five pizza restaurants in Palo Alto. Pizza Chicago and Paxtis were not included in this review since those two restaurants specialize in deep dish-style pizza, which is quite different from and hard to compare with more traditional pizza.

5. Legends Pizza Company, 2450 Park Blvd

Legends Pizza Co. is a typical American-style sports pizza restaurant, with local sports decorations adorning the walls and older men drinking a pint or two of beer at noon. There’s nothing too special about the pizza, which has a very filling thick crust with a variety of topping options. But the price point is pretty high; a medium pizza with four toppings takes about 20 minutes for them to make and will run you around $30, which isn’t too affordable for a student. If you were to go, the best option would be to either order ahead or get their ready-made slices from the counter.

4. Pizza My Heart, 220 University Ave

Pizza My Heart is a great spot for families to get an affordable slice and have a good time. Their selection of pizzas has a lot of variation, so people of all diets and restrictions — including the vegan and lactose-intolerant — will be able to find something to eat. Particularly on the weekends, Lytton Plaza, where the restaurant is located, is filled with people enjoying their time with the ping pong tables, occasional small concerts and just good energy in general. Overall, Pizza My Heart is a great spot for a good, peaceful time.

3. Howie’s Artisan Pizza, 855 El Camino Real #60

Howie’s Artisan Pizza is located right next to Stanford in the city’s most popular food hub, Town & Country Village. Like most places in Town & Country, the price point is fairly expensive (around $25 per pizza), but Howie’s is worth the price because of its ability to fill a stomach. The crust is very unique, with the perfect balance of puffy and crispy that makes it filling; it should be able to last at least one and a half meals. The toppings at Howies have a fresh taste to them, which isn’t something you come across often at a pizza place. The flavors of the ingredients add so much to the meal, allowing you to really enjoy the taste of the pizza rather than devouring it as usual. With such close proximity to campus, this is a great spot for students who want some quality pizza.

2. State of Mind Slice House, 3850 El Camino Real

This slice house has a casual, low-pressure vibe. People of all walks of life come to enjoy one thing: pizza. At $5 per slice, State of Mind Slice House offers an affordable — yet tasty — option for students. They offer many varieties of toppings, and all the slices are New York-style thin crust with a thin layer of cheese and sauce. Their dessert options are similarly abundant with four different flavors of the Bay Area classic It’s-It ice cream. In all, State of Mind Slice House is a great place to get a quick slice.

1. Pizzeria Delfina, 651 Emerson St

Pizzeria Delfina has the best pizza in Palo Alto, hands down. Although it’s on the more expensive side, the few extra bucks are worth the experience. First of all, the restaurant has an open layout design, so as you eat, you can see the hard work in the kitchen that goes into the food. Second, the service is fast, as they use authentic wood-fired pizza ovens to cook their pizzas, which are blazing hot and a sight to behold. Lastly, even if the price is a bit expensive (around $15 per pizza), you can tell that you’re not getting robbed of your earnings, and the quality of the ingredients make the bill worth it.

Shreyas Shashi is a high school student writing as part of The Daily’s Summer Journalism Workshop. Contact them at workshop 'at'

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