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Student COVID-19 case count drops to 2


The University reported two new student and three new employee COVID-19 cases for the week of Oct. 11, according to the COVID-19 dashboard.

This week’s case count is the lowest case count in 15 weeks, a significant decrease from the 13 student and five employee cases reported in last week’s COVID-19 dashboard. It also marks a notable decrease in the University’s seven-day positivity rate, which fell to 0.01% from last week’s 0.1%. The University’s seven-day positivity rate continues to remain lower than that of Santa Clara County and California, which stand at 1.1% and 2.0%, respectively.

Though cases have declined, the University recently released new guidelines for students expecting to travel during Thanksgiving break. Students traveling internationally will undergo a period of restricted activity for one week after returning to campus, and students leaving California must test twice during the week of their return, according to the guidelines. Students staying in California during the break will not be subject to any restrictions.

Weekly COVID-19 testing and indoor masking are also still required, regardless of vaccination status. Though 95% of all Health Check users have reported receiving a vaccine, breakthrough cases are possible and affected individuals experience mild symptoms, per the dashboard.

The University continues to reinforce that “vaccines, especially when combined with masks, provide strong protection against illness,” according to the dashboard.

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