To the girl I pinned on Zoom

Humor by Benjamen Gao
Nov. 29, 2021, 9:15 p.m.

I have a confession

A missed connection

This might seem unforeseen

But it’s been on my mind all quarantine

The first day of lecture

That’s when I saw her

She then gave an introduction

My attention; there was an abduction

Soon it’d be my turn to go

Can’t be boring or typical

What to do? What to say?

I felt nervous like chem 31a

“Hey, Ben, are you there?”

Asked the Professor; a big scare

Suddenly snapped out of my trance

I had to make this count, this chance

I struggled to unmute

And my words weren’t astute

Ugh, I wasted my first impression

Had I already lost this connection?

As the class progressed

It was lackluster at best

I needed something to do

Then I remembered you!

Clicked through the gallery

The wait had me in agony

But without further ado

You finally came into view

My heart skipped a beat

Almost fell out of my seat

And that’s when I knew

I had one thing to do

So I opened a new tab

Asked the question I had

“For those that I pin,

Will they know of my sin?”

A sigh of relief

Actually … this ain’t it, chief

What about class?

Do I pin or do I pass?

I thought for a while

My education; was it worthwhile?

Fine; I set my priorities straight

So I prudently went with fate

Click after click

I somehow felt sick

My heart was running a race

Seeing you; it began to erase

Then suddenly I heard

“Type your homework on Word,

I’ll see you all on Wednesday”

“Thanks, Professor; have a nice day”

Our peers began to log off

Until it was just us; a faceoff

But soon you too, did leave

Oh, that pain! Oh, that grief!

But from that day on

I never saw you log on

Those recorded lectures

Were responsible, I conjecture

But after all this time

You’re still on my mind

I have a confession

I want this connection

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