BOSP Kyoto program suspended for spring 2022 due to COVID-19 concerns 

Feb. 10, 2022, 11:20 p.m.

The Bing Overseas Studies Programs (BOSP) suspended its spring-quarter program in Kyoto, Japan, and the accompanying summer internship program, according to a Thursday email sent to admitted students.

The spring program was suspended due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns in Japan, according to University spokesperson E.J. Miranda. Entry into Japan for non-resident foreigners remains highly restricted, which will impact participants’ ability to obtain visas and enter the country for the program, Miranda wrote.

BOSP Associate Director for Student and Academic Services Adrian Doyle and BOSP Kyoto Director Mike Hugh acknowledged that some students who have applied to the Kyoto program multiple times still have not been able to go due to a series of cancellations.

“It is our sincere wish, if other opportunities for coming to Japan during your time at Stanford don’t work for you, that you will find a way to continue your interest in the country and its culture,” Doyle and Hugh wrote.

BOSP has been in regular communication with the 16 admitted students over the past few months about the possibility of continued entry restrictions, which the University predicted could impact the viability of the Kyoto Spring program, according to Miranda.

The fully funded, 10-week summer internship program, which many BOSP Kyoto spring-quarter students participate in, is also suspended, according to the email.

“We wish you the best of luck in finding enjoyable and fruitful alternative arrangements for the summer,” Doyle and Hugh wrote to students on the summer internship program.

Doyle and Hugh encouraged students to apply to other upcoming BOSP programs. The University anticipates that all of the other spring programs will continue as planned, according to Miranda.

Nikolas Liepins ’25 is the Digital Storytelling Director, a co-Desk Editor for Science & Technology News, and a staff photojournalist and writer with The Stanford Daily. Contact Nikolas at nliepins 'at'

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