Students celebrate the return of Wilbur and Stern lunch specials

Feb. 17, 2022, 9:16 p.m.

On Monday, along with heart-shaped cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries, Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) gave students another Valentine’s Day gift: the return of fan-favorite lunch specials at Stern and Wilbur. 

The discontinuation of the Cardinal Sage and Star Ginger specials, lunch concepts featuring a burrito bar, pho bowls and a multitude of specials, frustrated students upon their return to campus earlier this quarter. Now, students are celebrating the long-awaited return. 

“I am, frankly, overjoyed,” James Clark ’25 said, “Hope has returned. The world is happy again. I thank Wilbur dining for listening to our pleas.” 

Joanne de Pierre ’25, who lives a mile away from Stern Dining in Governor’s Corner, said “I’ll gladly make the trek over to Stern, just because I know it’ll make my day better.” 

The return of these specials has even helped students cope with the stresses of Winter Quarter, like seasonal depression and exams. 

“Seasonal depression can hit wherever you are. Yes, even California,” said de Pierre. “This is why Stern burritos coming back is the best thing that’s happened on campus this quarter.” 

“Stern bringing back burritos has helped make my midterms less stressful,” Lauren Rose ’25 said.

From flavors to efficiency, these students are thankful for the specials’ return. 

“Can we give Stern a shoutout? They have not only one, but two burrito stations so I don’t have to wait in line for 40 minutes,” said de Pierre. 

The specials are also nostalgic for some students, evoking memories of home.

“The flavors remind me of my mom’s food,” said Rose, “and that sense of home and my culture always brightens my day!” 

Oriana Riley ’24 is a News Managing Editor at The Daily. Every once in a while, she drops an iconic Campus Life article. Outside of The Daily, Oriana enjoys running a lot of miles and eating a lot of food. Contact Oriana at news ‘at’

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