Photo gallery: Pop-up food pantry for undergraduate and graduate students

Feb. 22, 2022, 10:31 p.m.

Stanford Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE), in partnership with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, hosts a monthly pop-up food pantry in the outdoor patio area of Escondido Village Graduate Residences (EVGR) Building C for undergraduate and graduate students and their affiliates who need additional food support. Students and their households can register beforehand to receive produce, dairy, meat, poultry and non-perishable items at no cost. Daily photographer Ananya Navale documented this month’s pop-up food pantry, which took place on Feb. 14.

Over 40 boxes of varying sizes and contents stacked on pallets, with people walking amongst them to distribute food.
Volunteers rush to distribute boxes of food to students at EVGR Building C. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
About 30 students pictured lining up with boxes and carts to collect their produce and food.
The line grows longer as more students join with bags and boxes to carry their food. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
Two volunteers pour a large bag of onions into a plastic bin
Volunteers replenish supplies as students come by to stock up on fresh produce. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
Stack of about 12 white boxes of produce with "Symms apples' and "California Sweet Potatoes" written on the boxes
Boxes of apples ready to be opened and distributed. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
Two student volunteers pose, smiling, with arms spread wide behind table with rice and bean packets. Boxes of produce behind them.
Student volunteers help run the entire pop-up, from checking people in to distributing and restocking food throughout the event. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
Volunteer loads a student’s bag with apples from a box of apples.
A student accepts fresh apples. Seasonal produce is often provided at the food pantry pop-ups. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
Over 50 boxes of squash, cucumber, and eggs
Piles of boxes of eggs, squash and cucumber behind the scenes. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
Two masked volunteers with a new bag of onions
Volunteers open a new bag of onions to distribute. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)

Ananya Navale ʼ25 is the Photography Department Managing Editor. Contact her at photode ‘at’

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