Photo gallery: Conservation photography introsem

April 19, 2022, 7:15 p.m.

These photos were taken during winter quarter by students in my freshman Introductory Seminar, BIO 7N: “Conservation Photography.” Perhaps it would be helpful to first frame the question, Just what is conservation photography? I define it as “nature photography with a mission.” Conservation photographers photograph the natural world, animals and plants, and the people who threaten, protect or study wildlife and ecosystems—all with the goal of advocating for specific conservation outcomes.

In BIO 7N, students immerse themselves in applying digital photography to conservation and environmental issues. The course first introduces students to the principles and practice of digital photography and visual communication, and we then examine the field of conservation photography from its historical roots through current practices. We explore how conservation-oriented photographic stories are created, structured and sequenced; assess visual rhetorical strategies for behavior change; examine long-term strategies that underlie conservation campaigns and discuss ethical issues in photojournalism.

At the core of the class, students create original photographic work that explores their individual interests and culminates in a project that highlights visual storytelling. The images shown here are examples of outstanding, engaging and creative photos created by students during winter quarter.

A group of sea lions vocalizing up towards the blue sky.
Photo Courtesy of Ula Lucas '25
Two silhouettes in the distance on a beach looking away to the ocean.
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Lit '25
A white dog with a red collar walking along reflective wet sand with a red object in its mouth.
Photo Courtesy of Samir Chowdhury '25
A coyote eats a deer carcass. All that remains is its ribcage and antlers.
Photo Courtesy of Penelope Baker '25
A grey rabbit sits in the grass by some bushes.
Photo Courtesy of Anika Quon '25
A vibrant peacock with its tail feathers fully grown and out.
Photo Courtesy of Parker Daley '25
Photo Courtesy of Aya Aziz '25
Photo Courtesy of Aya Aziz '25
From the view of a high location at night, a city of lights along its streets.
Photo Courtesy of Abigail Maldonaldo '25
Two firefighters. One sprays water into a building while the other walks nearby.
Photo Courtesy of Charles Shi '25
A collection of red lanterns and Taiwanese flags between several buildings. A "Do Not Enter" sign stands to the right.
Photo Courtesy of Erick Ramirez '25
The silhouette of an archway frames the silhouettes of palm trees at Stanford.
Photo Courtesy of Hope Adhanom-Shipman '25
The silhouette of a sedan races by in front of an orange sunset in a deep blue sky.
Photo Courtesy of Anastazja Krostenko '25
A white egret stands on rocky shallow water.
Photo Courtesy of Maya Xu '25
A black-and-white giraffe's head from below.
Photo Courtesy of Pablo Arosemena '25
A black and white photo of a sea lion.
Photo Courtesy of Eric Liu '25
A close-up of a horse's eye.
Photo Courtesy of Lizbeth Luevano '25
An elephant seal on the beach.
Photo Courtesy of Laura Sun '24

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