Slept on Songs: Legwurk

May 11, 2022, 10:41 p.m.

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Making music is defined by the creative struggle of delivering personal stories to your fans without it being too complicated or unknown for them to relate with. Legwurk is an artist who effortlessly opens up to the listener while also creating a very special and relatable intimacy.

Legwurk (also known as Tani) is a member of Still Woozy’s live band, where she plays bass, guitar and synths. The influence of Still Woozy’s music on Legwurk’s can be heard in the sharp drums, chorus-filled guitars and soft, layered vocals.

With only 10 songs in her discography, all from the last year and a half, Legwurk is just getting started on building a sonic empire. She has already amassed a respectable following, however, with her highest streaming song, “Home,” garnering 800,000 streams on Spotify.

Legwurk has a very rare skill of making sure each track feels like a gift just made for you. My favorite song by her is “Favor”: the song starts simple and personal, almost as if you’re being singled out and spoken to. It quickly and seamlessly transitions to its beautifully complicated chorus with layers of synths and leads. Each element hides a lot of rhythmic and melodic movement for you to appreciate as you listen to the track again and again. The synths are wobbly and create a spacious sonic atmosphere, while the lyrics create a sense of special intimacy. There is no moment in the track when it feels boring or predictable. You’re always eager for the chorus to come, but you can’t help but appreciate the other sections.

Just like the artist herself, songs in Legwurk’s discography are incredibly genuine. Listening to Legwurk makes you feel as though you’re seeing a close friend grow older and become more comfortable with expressing themselves. Many of Legwurk’s songs have lyrics in the first person, creating a very direct conversation between the artist and the listener. Many songs are perfect for a nighttime drive, mellow enough to fit the mood but bouncy enough to keep you alert and energetic on the wheel.

By creating songs full of pleasing harmonies on guitars with clean, sweet tones, Legwurk proves her technical prowess in music with every song she releases. Just one example is shown on the track “This and That”: with bright and slightly somber vocals, the song features a tight, snappy melody. The lyrics have a meaningful, sincere nature, giving the song an emotional dimension. At the same time, the instrumentals make you want to dance to the rhythm of the beats.

Speaking to AnalogueTrash about the song, Tani said, “This is my attempt at putting all my feelings into one song. I want this song to make you dance and cry at the same time, cuz that’s all I feel like doing these days.”

Most of the songs are under three minutes, making you itch for more. “Night Gown” has a driving beat accompanied by a groovy bass. Soft synths with a low pass filter are sprinkled all over the track, creating space in the frequency spectrum for the vocals to shine. Its concise two-minute-49-second runtime almost forces you to play it again and again, as you crave more of the same sound.

Another Legwurk track that I love is “Waiting on Me.” Starting with just acoustic guitars, the track soon evolves into a funky beat with vocal effects and high-pitched synths. Well before the track becomes repetitive, Legwurk delivers a bridge with her signature chorus-filled guitars arranged in a fun rhythmic pattern building up to the last big hook.

Whether it’s music you need to play while you relax and decompress after a long day, or music to get your head bumping and legs tapping to the rhythm as you work, Legwurk has a little something for every moment in our complicated, ever-changing lives.

Editor’s Note: This article is a review and contains subjective opinions, thoughts and critiques.

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