Photo gallery: Students march for reproductive rights

May 13, 2022, 1:15 a.m.

Content warning: Some images in this article depict chalk messages that contain violent language.

Stanford Planned Parenthood held a protest in support of reproductive rights on Friday. The protest brought Stanford students and affiliates together, following the rallies held by Stanford Law School students and Stanford Planned Parenthood and undergraduates earlier in the week. A group of students also planned a counter protest in response.

Daily photographers Ananya Navale, Bryan Monge Serrano and Thomas Yim captured the student demonstrations.

Protest attendees walk through the columns of main quad holding signs in support of reproductive rights. A videographer stands on the left side of the image, capturing the protest.
Attendees walk through Main Quad holding signs in support of reproductive rights. (ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
Three attendees surround a concrete table with a poster board and markers in hand. The center poster reads "Protect all women," and the text is written using a green marker.
Three attendees decorate signs for the protest, with one sign reading “Protect All Women.” (THOMAS YIM/The Stanford Daily)
An attendee holds a white poster decorated with a drawing of a hanger and text reading "NEVER AGAIN" written in Black ink.
One attendee holds a sign during the protest reading “NEVER AGAIN.” (ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
A group of individuals sit in a circle. One person bows their head, while another holds a necklace with a cross. A person sits and holds a sign reading "We are the pro-life generation."
Attendees sit in a circle during an anti-abortion demonstration, with one sign reading “We are the pro-life generation.” (THOMAS YIM/The Stanford Daily)
The stairs of White Plaza are decorated with multi-colored chalk. The first visible step reads "Choose life," the second reads "Roe v. Wade is a scourge on the...," the third reads "Child sacrifice? Cringe af bruh," the fourth reads "I love baby murderer tears," and the fifth reads "Your body, not your choice." The charcoal color of the stairs and the dark ambience provides a stark contrast to the colorful chalk.
Anti-abortion messages written with chalk on the stairs of White Plaza. (BRYAN MONGE SERRANO/The Stanford Daily)
Anti-abortion messages written in chalk are scribbled over with more chalk. The word "murder" is scribbled with yellow chalk, and the word "love" appears next to it.
Anti-abortion messages on the stairs of White Plaza scribbled over with chalk. (BRYAN MONGE SERRANO/The Stanford Daily)
Protestors walk through the gates of Main Quad. Some individuals are walking with their bikes in hand, and many hold posters. Hoover Tower is in the background of the photo.
Protestors walk through the gates of Main Quad. (BRYAN MONGE SERRANO/The Stanford Daily)
Protestors walk alongside the sidewalks of Jane Stanford Way. Many individuals hold signs, and many walk with their bikes. A shuttle bus is in the background.
Protestors walk along the sidewalks of Jane Stanford Way. (BRYAN MONGE SERRANO/The Stanford Daily)
Protestors walk through the crosswalks of Memorial Court holding signs, though the text of most signs are not visible. One sign reads "Our bodies, our minds, our choice."
Protestors walk through Memorial Court. One participant holds a sign reading “Our bodies, our minds, our choice.” (THOMAS YIM/The Stanford Daily)

Ananya Navale ʼ25 is the Photography Department Managing Editor. Contact her at photode ‘at’ Steven Monge Serrano '25 is from Flushing, Queens in New York City. At The Daily, he is a Beat Reporter for News, a columnist for Arts and Life, and staff photographer. Outside of the Daily, he is studying Computer Science + Civil Engineering. He also enjoys listening to R&B and taking public transportation. Contact Bryan Steven Monge Serrano at bryan101 ‘at’

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