Photo gallery:
The wild side of campus

Photographs by Andy Huynh, William Meng, and Matthew Turk

Wild turkeys at the Dish. (WILLIAM MENG/The Stanford Daily)

Springtime is fully here! While Stanford students are out and about enjoying the nice weather, so are our friends from the animal kingdom. And it’s more than just the loud crows and gulls at Wilbur Hall. Stanford University is home to an abundance of fauna, including mammals, birds, and so much more. Biodiversity hotspots, such as the Dish, Lake Lagunita, and Jasper Ridge, are beaming with activity. Keep an eye out and you might be surprised to see what you find. As the quarter nears its end, we curated a collection of on-campus wildlife photos by our photographers.

Black-crowned Night Heron in fiedl
Black-crowned Night Heron by the Quad. (WILLIAM MENG/The Stanford Daily)
Raccoon in a drain.
Raccoon peeks out of a drain. Raccoons are just one of the many types of animals that roam the Stanford campus and wreak havoc, or bring joy, to the student body. (Photo: MATTHEW TURK/The Stanford Daily)
Racoon looks into camera.
Raccoon at Rains. (WILLIAM MENG/The Stanford Daily)
Anna's Hummingbird on a branch.
Anna's Hummingbird at Gilbert. (ANDY HUYNH/The Stanford Daily)
Chestnut-backed Chickadee on a branch.
Chestnut-backed Chickadee at Jasper Ridge. (ANDY HUYNH/The Stanford Daily)
Killdeer bird on the ground.
Killdeer in GovCo field. (ANDY HUYNH/The Stanford Daily)
Pocket gopher looking up from its burrow.
Pocket gopher in Lagunita Court. (ANDY HUYNH/The Stanford Daily)
Wild turkeys on filed in front of satellite equipment.
Wild turkeys at W6YX. (WILLIAM MENG/The Stanford Daily)

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