Move-out is approaching. Here is what you should do if you test positive for COVID-19

May 29, 2022, 10:27 p.m.

Undergraduates with housing contracts ending in mid-June should make a plan for packing their belongings in case they test positive for COVID-19 ​​between May 31 and move-out time, as they are still expected to move out, according to a Friday email from Vice Provosts Mona Hicks and Shirley Everett. 

Housing contracts for undergraduate students leaving Stanford for the summer or moving to a different residence expire on June 10. Students who wish to stay past their move-out date should contact the Housing Service Center, and they will be charged additional rent for each day they stay. 

Students who get COVID-19 and isolate in place or in university-provided isolation housing need to plan to move out on time because individuals living on campus over the summer, including students participating in Summer Session, summer visitors and new students, will be moving into residences that students are vacating, according to Hicks and Everett. 

Students isolating in place may be moved to other isolation housing if their unit or building is needed immediately for incoming residents, they added. Students will still receive food through the University’s meal delivery service.

To prepare for move-out, Hicks and Everett wrote that students should start packing everything except “a 10-day supply of clothing, items you need to complete your school work, medication and valuables” that they can bring with them to isolation if they get COVID-19. They added that students should ask a friend or family member to be prepared to pack and move for them if they are not able to.

Students who test positive and need someone else to pack their belongings should fill out the Room Key Proxy form to provide a Stanford friend access to their residence. If a student makes a plan with a family member or non-Stanford friend, then they should contact their housing service center

Hicks and Everett reminded students that people who are testing positive for COVID-19 are experiencing a range of symptoms, from no or mild symptoms to symptoms related to a bad cold or flu. They asked that students continue to wear masks indoors and in crowded outdoor settings to limit the number of students who test positive ahead of move-out.

“A bit of preparation now could go a long way toward helping you through this time, and on to a summer that we all hope is a welcome respite from the challenges of the past few years,” they wrote.

Carolyn Stein serves as the Magazine Editor for Vol. 263. She is double majoring in communications and East Asian studies. Her favorite activity is going on unnecessarily long walks. Contact her at news 'at'

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