Letter from the editors: A brand new chapter

Sept. 26, 2022, 10:29 p.m.

Hey everyone! Ells Boone and Zach Zafran here, the co-managing editors of the sports section for Volume 262 of The Stanford Daily.

We have been hard at work over the past couple of months getting ready for the volume and trying to cover as many sporting events as we could in the summer months. With the school year now underway and everyone back on campus, we’re excited to be covering things in person again, and also to be welcoming a new group of writers to the section in the next couple of weeks. 

Now traditionally, only the executive team has published things like these. But we’re coming to you both out of excitement and inquisition. The newsroom has been an evolving place over the last many decades — in a way that hasn’t been all too kind to the world of journalism. We’re here to adapt with the intentions of not only surviving, but thriving. A change in focus will enable us to shift gears away from our traditional coverage and instead zero in on what is in demand. The only issue is, we need your help in deciding what that is. Of course we will be covering the biggest and latest games, news and events surrounding the Farm and Stanford-adjacent athletes. But we’re also interested in hearing what it is that makes you most engaged. Whose voices do you want to hear? What stories keep your eyes glued to the screen? How can we be unique in our position as the Stanford student newspaper, and how can we provide coverage that nobody else is? Rather than anonymous authors behind the screen, we want to foster a relationship between us, the sports section, and you, the readers. We’re all ears in getting this kicked off.

We have big things planned for this volume and are hoping to produce a wide range of content over these next few months.  Throughout this period of evolution, we’d love to hear what you’re interested in and how we can cater to our readership. Hell, we’d even love for you to join — we take everyone who applies, and the time commitment depends on you and only you. Feel free to submit a tip here, feedback here or consider applying here. We’d love to welcome as many of you to the team as possible!

More on us:

Ells is a junior from Virginia Beach, Virginia studying Communication. He served as a desk editor for the past three volumes and has written for the sports section since his freshman fall quarter. Outside of The Daily, Ells is also a manager for the men’s basketball team and a commentator for KZSU. He is an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan. 

Zach is a sophomore from the Bay Area studying Mathematical and Computational Science. Searching for a promised free slice of pizza, he stumbled into the Daily building during a production night and accidentally joined the sports section — he hasn’t looked back since. Zach has served as a desk editor and staff writer in the past, as well as held a role as a podcast lead and scriptwriter for The Daily’s Video Roundup Series. 

We can’t wait for a lovely volume ahead!

Ells Boone ’24 and Zach Zafran ’25, Sports Editors

Zach Zafran was the Vol. 262 managing editor for the sports section. Now a senior staff writer, he has previous experience reporting and writing with SFGATE. You can find Zach around campus wearing swim trunks no matter the weather. Follow him on Twitter at @ZachZafran and contact him at sports 'at' stanforddaily.com.Ells Boone is the managing editor for the sports section. He is a junior from Virginia Beach, Virginia, studying communication. When not chasing after rebounds in Maples Pavilion or recording a podcast with Jibriel Taha, you can find him at TAP or watching his favorite Premier League team, Tottenham Hotspur, play. Contact him at eboone24 'at' stanforddaily.com.

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