What happened with Eurotrash?

Oct. 28, 2022, 1:23 a.m.

The clock struck 10:30 p.m. and a gaggle of disaffected frosh staggered out of Kappa Sigma, lanyards around their necks. The rescheduled Eurotrash was over.

Eurotrash, an annual party hosted by Kappa Sig that typically occurs after the first week of classes, was postponed, allegedly due to issues obtaining a fire marshal to clear University requirements. After several hours of speculation on the anonymous social media app Fizz, the official cancellation was announced early afternoon on Sept. 30.

Posts about the party flooded the app through the evening. Some users claimed that the party was being shut down, while others claimed this was a ploy to keep freshmen out of the party. One post in particular, that garnered 1.4k upvotes, dubbed it “Schrodinger’s Eurotrash,” due to it appearing to be simultaneously on and off.

Robert Thompson ’23, a member of Kappa Sig, provided the Daily with a timeline of events before the cancellation:

Associate Dean & Director of Office of Substance Use Programs, Education & Resources Ralph Castro said “The Kappa Sigma party was postponed until the following week, once we had adequate time to review and advise on it.” He did not comment on any motivations behind calling off the fire marshal.

The cancellation of Eurotrash led to the posting of signs reading “Stanford is Anti-Fun” and “Stop Stanford’s War on Fun” around White Plaza on the night Eurotrash was meant to occur. But these were neither the first nor last complaints about University suppression of student life. Students have been increasingly vocal in their criticisms of administration’s effects on social life since the publication and subsequent virality of a Palladium article detailing nearly a decade of Stanford’s declining social life.

Hamza Almsarae ’26 said he was initially excited when he learned about the “legend of Eurotrash” from other students but was subsequently disappointed by its cancellation. This reaction was echoed by many students after the cancellation was first announced.

“It sounded like fun, and then it was a bummer when it got canceled,” said Jazon Gonzalez ’26.

Zadie Schaffer ’25 called the miscommunication “frustrating.”

The miscommunication-turned-postponement led to Eurotrash being hosted the following week. However, the party was prematurely shut down due to a student safety issue. This led to outrage and disappointment from students.

Perceived administrative interference with Eurotrash sparked further anger. During a football game against Arizona State, students marched across the field with a 40-foot banner that read “Stanford Hates Fun.”

“I think [the administration] should have stayed out of it,” Schaffer said.

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