Stanford Room Tour: Two-Room double in 675 Lomita Drive

Nov. 30, 2022, 9:46 p.m.

Whose room is whose?

It’s a joke and a serious question that Megan Olomu ’24 and Izzy Jordan ’24 often receive when friends visit their two-room double in 675 Lomita Drive for the first time. It’s in the subtle differences — the styles of wooden wall mantels and shades of strip lighting — that ultimately capture their aesthetic signatures.

For Izzy, an array of confident features enlivens her room: a tapestry of Playboy magazine covers, a two-tier clothing rack boasting color-sorted 90s gems and a scarlet red LED strip that makes her feel cool. 

“I want people to walk in my room and be like, ‘Oh yeah, this is so Izzy,’” she tells me from atop her plush circular rug.  

Creating a space that reflects her authentic self means mementos from loved ones and cherished experiences are on full display. On her faux marble entrance table, a bright Colombian painting picked out by a friend sits next to a Google propeller hat from her summer as a software engineering intern. A black ceramic square, gifted to her by a friend, symbolizes the end of a CS 103 proof and serves as a sweet reminder of their camaraderie and persistence.

In Megan’s room, the more hidden elements of herself, the interests and characteristics that often hide behind her hyper-social life, are on full display. Posters of Jordans and the city of London show an appreciation for a slower, more relaxed version of herself. A Wallows x Clairo music poster reminds her that she’s “too young to think about all that shit.” Polaroid prints of cousins and paraphernalia from Texas remind of her home in Dallas.

“My lights are pink now. Last year they were blue,” Megan tells me regarding her remote-controlled LED strip. 

Her sheets are white, another change from last year’s thematic blue. With these aesthetic choices, Megan’s found a way to make her home away from home as comfortable as possible. As a student-athlete and social chair of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Megan knew that the room needed to be a retreat from her often-overwhelming schedule of bouncing from thing to thing. After a long day and with the door in between their rooms open, Megan can bask in this world she’s made for herself, one of comfort and contentment.

As both juniors age through Stanford, creating an environment that satisfies all the versions of themselves has become a priority.  Whether it’s Izzy reading in her sunrise-filled window nook or Megan chatting with a teammate over seltzers, their two-room double molds to their beings. Their stylistic choices — from color to tapestry to trinket — reflect the confidence and curiosity that these two friends cast into the world.

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