The Daily takes the aux: Fall 2022 music staff picks

Dec. 7, 2022, 10:09 p.m.

Don’t know what to listen to? The Stanford Daily is here to help. We have compiled a playlist of our staff’s latest jams. Listen to our picks, and check out our article to learn more about the recommendations.

Taylor Swift — You’re On Your Own, Kid (Recommended by Oriana Riley)

From Taylor’s new album, this song stood out to me the most because it really exemplified her unique ability to balance lyrical rawness and musical genius. I’m obsessed. 

Ari Lennox  — Bitter (Recommended by Nick Sligh)

This nostalgic, soulful song from Dreamville’s premier R&B singer instantly blew me away. J. Cole and Elite’s sampling on the production was marvelous and complemented Ari’s deeply soulful voice as beautifully as possible. With lyrics that hit just as hard as the pure emotion in the vocals, the entire track is an absolute masterpiece.

First Love / Late Spring — Mitski (Recommended by Neil Rathi)

It’s fall. You’re sad because you’re experiencing all the pains of unrequited love. Mitski is here for you. She will probably make you sadder. That’s just how it goes.

JID — Money (Recommended by Nick Sligh)

A feel-good track from JID’s incredible “The Forever Story,” “Money” is an adventure that packs more depth than it might seem at first. With great storytelling and great and poignant narrative callbacks, JID provides thoughtful and personal music that is sonically impressive as always.

Hozier — Swan Upon Leda (Recommended by Neil Rathi)

“Swan Upon Leda’s” lyrics deftly employ religious imagery in a way that is honestly unparalleled by most musicians. Combined with gorgeous instrumentals and, in the words of a friend, “his most Irish vocals yet,” Hozier’s new single makes you feel like you’ve finally ascended to heaven.

Kenny Mason — Shell (Recommended by Nick Sligh)

Kenny Mason’s versatility and ability to sound good on practically any beat shines through on “Shell.” Utilizing a well-executed sample, The Edwards Generation’s “You’re the One for Me,” Kenny packs captivating flows, potent emotion and high energy into the penultimate song on his latest mixtape, “RUFFS.”

Tracy Chapman — Fast Car (Recommended by Kelly Wang)

Recommended by a writing tutor during one of our many random tangents of conversations, “Fast Car” makes me think about generational cycles of familial struggles. The fluctuating drum presence mirrors the growing and fading strength of someone’s heartbeats when filled with hope before being hit by reality. It makes me wonder — what kinds of loops will we find ourselves in? And can we ever actually get out?

Chromeo — Raspberry Blush (Recommended by Blyss Cleveland)

Finals got you down? Hard same. Luckily, a mid-tempo track from Chromeo is exactly what we need to get through the end-of-quarter blahs. Their latest single is three minutes of electro-funk grooves that will please both new listeners and longtime aficionados of the Canadian chart-toppers.

Depeche Mode — Enjoy the Silence (Recommended by Elena Vasilache)

The second musical British invasion in the ’80s brought with it groups like Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and Duran Duran. One of my favorite songs is “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. Not only does it have haunting lyrics and a beautiful melody, but it reminds me of simpler days. 

La Habitación Roja — Indestructibles (Recommended by Nicole Tong)

I first discovered this song in a Spanish television drama — it was the music to a scene where two ex-lovers slow dance amidst a plot of chaos, murder and preppy boarding school gossip. Unlike the chilling melodies normally imbued into thrillers, “Indestructibles” is a lethargic rock tune. The rise and fall of the drumstick is pleasantly satisfying. The lyrics themselves speak of a unified pair in a torturous world. It’s no matter if you don’t understand a single word of Spanish — this sentiment of love and desperate vigor transcends any language barrier. There is a sort of triumphant feeling when the song finishes, as if the very act of listening to its reverberations is a victorious feat. “Indestructibles” is a sigh of relief, a warm embrace after the rain. Highly recommend listening to after your last final.

Lauryn Hill — Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You (Recommended by Sofia Gonzalez-Rodriguez)

They were playing this silky R&B rendition of Frankie Valli’s original single at Lakeside Dining a few weeks ago, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. Hill’s brassy vocals and soulful delivery on the chorus are beautifully counterbalanced by a more upbeat drum set rhythm. Alongside the characteristic horn melody from the original version, Hill’s sound speaks of a youthful, sweet love. It’s truly no wonder this song earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Editor’s Note: This article is a review and includes subjective opinions, thoughts and critiques.

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