NYFW: Alice + olivia’s Fall Collection looks to the past and future all at once

Feb. 14, 2023, 10:44 p.m.

No one was golf-clapping at the alice + olivia presentation of their 2023 Fall Collection at New York Fashion Week. 

Instead, they were whirling throughout the venue in stunning couture to greet one another and admire breathtaking designs close-up. Guests were not just observers of a show; they were fully immersed in a shared experience. 

Model showcases a blue outfit in front of oversized starburst candies and a Jiffy peanut butter jar.
An alice + olivia model showcases a stunning blue outfit in front of the “Snack Culture” set. (Photo courtesy of Rony Alwin)

On Saturday, the brand’s CEO and Creative Director Stacey Bendet shared the collection in a fashion presentation themed “American Icon: Fashion Through the Decades.” Bendet’s collection is full of allusions to past fashion eras —  whether that be multicolor opera coats, Hollywood gowns or the effortlessly cool aesthetic of 90’s grunge. These motifs even translated into the presentation’s sets, one of which was an iconic rendition of classic American snacks. 

In this collection, Bendet’s designs create innovative twists on fashion classics. Closet staples like a black coat or tank top are transformed into eye-catching statement pieces with colorful embroidery and vibrant colors. 

Bendet told The Daily that developing these ideas can happen wherever and whenever. “When you’re designing in a contemporary world, the process is very free. I’ll see a road and street and be like, ‘that’s a cool color palette,’” said Bendet. 

Bendet described how surreal she felt to see her work come to life and aficionados thrilled with her designs. “The first time I saw my clothes on the store window, I felt the excitement of walking down the street and thinking, ‘I made that,’” Bendet said, “But even today, when I see beautiful women wearing my clothes, I get excited.”

Beyond artfully instilling nostalgia within guests, the alice + olivia presentation was distinguished by its fresh and lively ambiance. Performer Coral Dolphin described the event as “thrilling, immersive and so fun.” With music seeping into every corner of the room, dancers grabbed everyone’s attention in the brand’s Allen Embellished Tank Top and Boyfriend Fringe-trim Rhinestone Jeans

Performers for alice + olivia praised the Fall Collection for its comfort in addition to creativity. Deijah Robinson firmly claimed that the pieces are “so very flexible that you can move around, however you want.”

Models skateboard down red and white striped skate ramp wearing white tank tops and jeans.
Skateboarders perform flip and shove-it tricks in the center of the venue, leaving guests stunned. (Photo courtesy of Rony Alwin)

The constant interactive experiences at the show, from the dancers eagerly inviting people to join them to the skateboarders performing shove-it tricks on the ramps, did not go unnoticed. Influencer Kiki Rutten called the experience “a whole different concept that feels so personal.” 

Guests added personal touches to the fashion show experience by sharing their perspectives and outfits from the night across social media. In attendance were influencers and celebrities such as Mary Fitzgerald, Nicky Hilton, Kate Bartlet and Dylan Mulvaney. Alice + olivia team stylist and digital creative team member Alanis Garcia praised social media for welcoming more diversity in the fashion industry. 

“I have absolutely loved fashion since I was the tiniest kid. I’m a Latina, and a Latina in fashion. I’m starting to see a lot of that now through social media and I love it,” Garcia said.

This year’s alice + olivia presentation brought back memorable moments in fashion history while giving attendees a glimpse into the thrilling future of immersive fashion experiences. 

Editor’s Note: This article is a review and includes subjective thoughts, opinions and critiques.

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