Video: Stanford students reveal the best and worst University dining options | Open Up

July 25, 2023, 12:01 p.m.

Stanford students give us their thoughts on the best and worst on-campus dining options, including dining halls and other various eateries. Stay tuned for more Open Up episodes!

Special thanks to Liz Feldman ’23, Griffin Somaratne ’23, Saif Ali ’23, Laura Futamura ’24, Harrison Plhak ’24, Luke Virsik ’24, Ananya Udaygiri ’25, Alondra Martinez ’26, Micha Rand ’26, and Emily Zhang ’26.


  • Writer: D’Andre Jorge
  • Interviewer: D’Andre Jorge
  • Videographer: D’Andre Jorge
  • Editing: D’Andre Jorge
  • Graphics: D’Andre Jorge
  • Director: D’Andre Jorge
  • Assistant Director: Natalie Shtangrud
  • Producer: D’Andre Jorge

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