UGS approves marching band funding, plans late night study spaces

Oct. 27, 2023, 2:35 a.m.

The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band’s (LSJUMB) funding was approved by the Undergraduate Senate (UGS) on Wednesday. The Senate launched an audit into LSJUMB last year over allegations that student funds were being used inappropriately. 

Funding was approved on the condition that LSJUMB accept a number of recommendations from UGS — many focused on improving the handling of funds by the band.

The financial officer’s list of recommendations was communicated directly to student leadership of the band, whom UGS met with this week. 

“I think they are more or less alright accepting those recommendations if it means they can receive future funding,” said senate co-chair Diego Kagurabadza ’25. The UGS did not decide whether they would make the list of recommendations publicly available. 

The senate also addressed sexual violence in Greek life. Senator Dawn Royster ’26 met with Fraternity and Sorority Life Associate Director Christopher Carter to discuss training sober monitors more thoroughly and studying how cases travel to the Title IX office. 

After Royster shared updates from her conversation, senator Ivy Chen ’26 proposed a plan to create more spaces for students to study late at night, including keeping areas of libraries open from midnight through 8 a.m. on weekdays.

According to Chen, Vice Provost of the Academic Council Michael Keller requested that a minimum of 40 students express interest before further planning commences. 

“I’ve been hearing a big want for more late-night academic study spaces,” said senator Gordon Allen ’26. He said many students approached him about keeping some of the rooms at Main Quad open late for studying.

Senate co-chair Ritwik Tati ’25 shared information about an in-progress resolution to increase the frosh resident assistants stipends. 

“I’m planning to meet with [residential fellows] from FloMo and Branner to have some language to vouch for those recommendations,” Tati said.

Senators continued a conversation on recommended revisions to the free speech policy, originally brought up by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They planned to meet again in the coming week to further develop the recommendations. Senators also floated the idea of creating a “How to Organize Guide” that would include safety tips and doxxing tips for students who want to organize.

The senate closed with plans for Democracy Day, an academic holiday that occurs annually at Stanford on Election Day. 

“The UGS is committing up to $2,000 in our discretionary funds, particularly for the ‘Rock the Vote’ concert on Monday, Nov. 6,” Kagurabadza said.

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