Photo Gallery: A week of tradition

Nov. 24, 2023, 1:30 a.m.

The 126th Big Game between Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley continued the rivalry with a week full of tradition. Photographers Leo Glikbarg, Davita Wrone, Audrey Nguyen-Hoang, Lawrence Liu, Cayden Gu, Ananya Navale and Jonathan Sanchez captured a few of the scenes.

Axe committee members cover their ears under a sign reading "Big Game Countdown Featuring the Stanford Whistle." One wears noise-cancelling ear muffs and prepares to honk the horn while another films.
The Axe Committee camps in White Plaza the week leading up to the game and blows the whistle every hour until kickoff. (Photo: DAVITA WRONE/The Stanford Daily)
Actors dressed as photographers surround a superhero dressed in Stanford red.
Ram’s Head Theatrical Society, Stanford’s oldest theatrical organization, performs Gaieties on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday leading up to Big Game. (Photo: AUDREY NGUYEN-HOANG/The Stanford Daily)
The fountain in front of Green Library running with red water. Hoover Tower sits in the background.
Fountains across campus, including the one in front of the Cecil H. Green Library, are dyed red for Big Game. (Photo: LAWRENCE LIU/The Stanford Daily)
Hoover Tower with a red glow at night.
Hoover Tower glows red in support of the Stanford Cardinal. (Photo: CAYDEN GU/The Stanford Daily)
A student-athlete holds a microphone on stage in front of his team. All are smiling.
Stanford football players lead the rally in White Plaza on the Wednesday before the game. (Photo: ANANYA NAVALE/The Stanford Daily)
A packed Stanford Stadium with football players on the field.
Stanford and Berkeley fans piled into Stanford Stadium on Saturday. (Photo: JONATHAN SANCHEZ/The Stanford Daily)
Stanford fans in the stands. Eight students stand shirtless with "STANFORD" spelled in red paint across their chests.
Stanford fans filled the student section, with a few spelling “Stanford” with body paint. (Photo: LEO GLIKBARG/The Stanford Daily)

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