Photo Gallery: Stanford football falls to the Fighting Irish

Dec. 3, 2023, 9:42 p.m.

Finishing up a season of a few highs and many lows, Stanford took the field against Notre Dame this past Saturday and suffered a 56-23 loss. Despite the significant deficit in the final score, the Cardinal played strong through much of the first half.

Led by a commanding defense and star kicker senior Joshua Karty, Stanford finished the first quarter with a 13-7 lead. The Cardinal defense recovered two forced fumbles as well as a pivotal interception in the early part of the second quarter, enabling a season-high 56-yard field goal by Karty.

Despite the solid effort on defense, Stanford was restricted to only two touchdowns and was outperformed on total yards 521-359. Notre Dame’s Audric Estime ran for 238 yards and four touchdowns, putting the game out of reach for the Cardinal. As Troy Taylor finishes up his first season as head coach, there is much to be proud of but more work to be done as the team heads into next season.

Stanford's quarterback throws the ball, midair, to a receiver. Notre Dame defenders close in.
Justin Lamson escapes the pressure. Lamson went 2/6 for 19 passing yards and had 10 rushes for 82 yards including a fourth quarter touchdown. (Photo: ETHAN ROMER/The Stanford Daily)
Stanford players run onto the field while a steam cannon fires. Marching band players play on the field.
The Leland Stanford Junior University Band lines the field as the Stanford football team runs out for their final game of the season. (Photo: EMILY GONZALEZ/The Stanford Daily)
Stanford's quarterback getting tackled by two Notre Dame players
Sophomore quarterback Ashton Daniels was sacked four times by the Notre Dame defense. (Photo: ETHAN ROMER/The Stanford Daily)
Stanford's quarterback throws the ball past Notre Dame defenders to a waiting receiver.
Daniels avoids a deflection by Notre Dame linebacker JD Bertrand on a pass to sophomore tight end Sam Roush. (Photo: ETHAN ROMER/The Stanford Daily)
A Stanford player carries the ball on the field.
Stanford’s star wide receiver, redshirt freshman Elic Ayomanor, had 62 receptions for 1013 yards and 6 touchdowns over the season. (Photo: EMILY GONZALEZ/The Stanford Daily)
Stanford's quarterback is tackled with the ball by Notre Dame defenders.
Daniels rushed 11 times for just one yard against Notre Dame. (Photo: EMILY GONZALEZ/The Stanford Daily)
Stanford's kicker winds up for a 56-yard field goal attempt while the offensive and defensive lines collide.
Karty nails a 56-yard field goal to take the lead in the second quarter. (Photo: ETHAN ROMER/The Stanford Daily)
A Stanford player hugs a man in a hoodie.
Senior players were honored in the final game of the season. (Photo: EMILY GONZALEZ/The Stanford Daily)

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