The names of Stanford

Jan. 12, 2024, 1:44 a.m.


Earlier this quarter, I was at a training held by the Center of Teaching and Learning (CTL). Among other things, this particular training discussed the importance of names and pronouns in building a personal connection with peers. The opening exercise was, then, to share the story behind our own names.

After listening to the responses of my peers, I grew fascinated with the topic. The outgrowth of that fascination became the piece you are reading now — the names of Stanford. Names, to be clear, are very peculiar objects. In fact, there is an entire flavor of philosophy that attempts to answer questions regarding the meaning and necessity of names, with possible resolutions found in meta-linguistic considerations.

But, setting aside the semantics, names offer a very real social snapshot into a people, a place and an era. Indeed, names, fancifully called eponyms, often bear the influence of transformative world leaders, awe-inspiring places and, as of late, even the occasional Paramount drama. Investigating names at Stanford therefore offers a unique exploration into the rich tapestry of human identity and, moreover, its intersection with academia. In this article, we take a brief look at descriptive statistics and have some fun along the way.

The Michaels of Stanford

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a couple of Stanford students had the idea of connecting every Michael on campus into a single Facebook group. And this wasn’t limited to your average Michael! Indeed, derivatives such as Miguel, Michelle or Michelangelo were also warmly embraced in this burgeoning circle of soon-to-be friends. The “Mike-all campus” was a rather short-lived group that quickly died down following the eventual return to campus. Nevertheless, it does raise at least one question of interest: Just how many Michaels are there at Stanford?

Left screenshot: Facebook Messenger interface named "Mike-all campus" shows Michael has created the group and added several members, all with variations of the name Michael. A message from Michael reads "Boys, you know what to do," followed by a thumbs-up emoji, suggesting a coordinated action or inside joke among members. The group settings indicate member approval is on, and several members have been made group admins. Right screenshot: In the same "Mike-all campus" group chat, messages exchanged discuss the inclusivity of the name "Michael." One member asks about the extent of variations of "Michael" that are allowed, including Mitchells, Michelles and Mikhails. Another member responds humorously about the inclusiveness, and a suggestion is made that more variations would make a better party, indicating a lighthearted and open discussion about who should be included in the group.
Screenshots of Mike-all campus group chat. (Courtesy of Michael Byun)


To investigate the names of Stanford, The Daily obtained a list of Stanford students and faculty from Stanford’s Google Contacts directory. We processed the data using the SpaCy Named Entity Recognizer to filter out organizations that crept in. Unfortunately, while the model has a high bar for categorizing named entities as people, it occasionally struggles to disentangle people from other entities such as organizations.

Key visualizations

Now we get to the fun part! First things first, the answer to “How many Michaels are there at Stanford?” is — drum-roll please — a staggering 531. This means that Michael tops the list of most popular names at Stanford.

First nameCount

Of course, there are things to look into beyond the raw counts. For one, how long is the average name at Stanford? The answer is, it turns out, between five and six letters. It is also worth pointing out that all of the top five names are typically considered masculine names.

Or, maybe you’re wondering what the most common initials are? Upon plotting the counts, we arrive at the following. Curiously, a lot of people have names starting with A (Andrew), M (Michael), J (John) and S (Sarah). On the flip side, defying personal expectations, first names starting with U (Uma) are the least common, beating out the other obvious choices like X (Xin) and Z (Zach) by a significant margin.

Taking a look at the frequency of first names, we arrive at the following word cloud visually depicting the names of Stanford.

Michael David John Daniel Andrew Matthew Sarah James Jennifer Robert Elizabeth William Emily Thomas Michelle Maria Jessica Alex Ryan Mark Eric Peter Kevin Jonathan Christopher Laura Anna Brian Lisa Rachel Richard Paul Lauren Alexander Julia Jason Joseph Benjamin Nicole Mary Steven Andrea Nicholas Amy Susan Rebecca Hannah Karen Stephanie Stephen Joshua Amanda Katherine Chris Kelly Aaron Grace Justin Megan Sara Christine Christina Adam Emma Anthony Jacob Charles Melissa Linda Samuel Julie Ashley Catherine Katie Nancy Victoria Natalie Scott Jack Jose Samantha Sean Sophia Angela Patrick Juan Ben George Jeffrey Olivia Ethan Caroline Alexandra Ian Danielle Sam Kimberly Erin Nathan Matt Alan Ana Brandon Anne Martin Claire Kyle Jordan Zachary Maya Tyler Evan Victor Alice Kathleen Kate Diana Nick Patricia Gabriel Tiffany Jeff Kenneth Margaret Max Sebastian Dan Christian Kathryn Sharon Heather Jeremy Luis Tom Ann Elena Mike Monica Kim Timothy Edward Taylor Henry Noah Frank Philip Steve Barbara Allison Marie Tim Marc Shannon Alyssa Helen Carlos Jamie Cynthia Jane Chloe Erica Jasmine Melanie Ali Josh Jenny Alexis Charlotte Cindy Erik Joe Lucy Luke Sandra Kristen Albert Claudia Wendy Jay Alison Zoe Bryan Isabel Jesse Lily Omar Sophie Vanessa Veronica Annie Lawrence Nicolas Sofia Tina Joel Jacqueline Audrey Diego Kristin Janet Yu Douglas Gregory Ronald Tony Adrian Isabella Cameron Carolyn Donald Gabriela Tracy Vincent Austin Carol Connor Dylan Gary Jun Julian Keith Leslie Angel Caitlin Jon Robin Isaac Morgan Aditya Madison Sabrina Marco Jim Nina Bruce Irene Erika Grant Greg Wei Antonio Eva Jorge Will Andy Renee Deborah Eduardo Jerry Pamela Lucas Ruth Naomi Sydney Vivian Yi Abigail Lynn Alicia Teresa Jean Mario Mia Sonia Valerie Sergio Maggie Natasha Ricardo Daniela Diane Tara Ellen Jackson Lindsay Marina Yan Raymond Sally Colin Dana Esther Ivan Miguel Jared Joy Leah Pablo Rohan Simon Suzanne Caleb Casey Courtney Jenna Kathy Kayla Yang Oscar Paula Shreya Zach Yue Derek Serena Isabelle Joan Lori Molly Ahmed Andres Jan Roy Brenda Brendan Eli Rafael Gina Mohammad Harry Joanna Leo Liam Martha Meghan Michele Natalia Neha Spencer Brittany Lee Cole Crystal Denise Kristina Todd Elaine Rodrigo Javier Jing Joanne Kai Madeline Trevor Aditi Arjun Brooke Ken Francisco Heidi Iris Jaime Jocelyn Joyce Judy Marcus Marissa Oliver Riley Bill Bo Cecilia Debbie Donna Rahul Edwin Ella Gabrielle Jake Kelsey Miriam Neil Nora Phillip Ying Shawn Alejandro Amelia Ross Ava Brett Brianna Carrie Chen Cheryl Dennis Larry Holly Raul Fernando Gabriella Liz Mohammed Pedro Amit Aidan Chelsea Allen Arthur Beth Calvin Clara Manuel Xin Elise Jill Judith Li Nadia Roberto Shirley Virginia Amber Amir Bradley Craig Dominic Felix Muhammad Ellie Rose Jesus Jin Lara Mohamed Walter Nathaniel Ron Rui Stefan Tanya Alana Bianca Carl Connie Seth Elisa Lucia Gerald Jen Jimmy Karla Laurel Terry Ray Alberto Andre Anita Carmen Cassandra Drew Elijah Felipe Gordon Han Lin Jackie Janice Kara Lindsey Lydia Maxwell Ruben Stuart Yash Adriana Adrienne Akshay Frances Angelica Ariel Bob Camille Carolina Cathy Xiao Danny Elisabeth Eleanor Evelyn Francesca Glenn Haley Hong Jessie Karl Lea Lu Mason Meredith Mitchell Sai Roger Sylvia Stacey Theresa Yuan Abby Kumar Ariana Owen Marisa Cristina Dean Divya Paige Eileen Gloria Hunter Kristine Logan Madeleine Monique Rosa Sherry Stanley Stella Regina Ananya Blake Bryce Cesar Debra Devin Francis Erick Fiona Hao Graham Hanna Hui Ignacio Julio Karina Katelyn Lance Qian Micah Wesley Olga Ralph Rob Sandy Sasha Theodore Varun Alejandra Bernard Celeste Charlie Cheng May Georgia Howard Irina Janelle Kenny Laurie Lei Leonardo Louis Marta Michaela Stefanie Min Norman Priya Santiago Sheila Silvia Sue Tamara Tristan Abhishek Ajay Akash Alexandre Bruno Camila Christy Colleen Daisy Dawn Randall Edgar Eugene Garrett Jia Juliana Krishna Lorenzo Louise Lukas Summer Markus Maryam Pooja Rick Russell Wen Zahra Abhinav Alessandra Anjali Ashwin Xavier Cara Carla Darren Devon Travis Fabian Hans Harrison Helena Johanna Jonas Julien Lina Marianne Margarita Marilyn Matteo Mauricio Melody Nikhil Pierre Randy Rita Sierra Tomas Wilson Alissa Minh Andreas Anh Fatima Bonnie Brent Corey Dave Dhruv J. Elliot Emilio Emmanuel Enrique Fred Gavin Geoffrey Gretchen Hana Ingrid Jade Jae Jie Johannes Josephine Karthik Katharine Katrina Kendall Kiran Kurt Mai Mathew Noelle Ted Nate Parker Pauline Phoebe Tatiana Tess Theo Valeria Yasmin Yifan Alec Alina Allan Singh Andrei Angelina Angie Annette Annika Axel Beatriz Chao Charlene Chase Daphne Dominique Doug Matthias Maurice Susie Eunice Felicia Giovanni Griffin Guadalupe Jeanette Justine Karin Kay Kendra Kirsten Kylie Lena Lorena Luisa Marcos Maximilian Megha Peng Rachael Rachelle Ramon Rene Sonya Stephan Whitney Tammy Troy Yun Yvonne Abraham Adrien Alma Aman Ari Aya Barry Briana Bridget Dong Christie Chun Clare Desiree Mona Quinn Vicky Elsa Fang Federico Feng Gail Gustavo Hayden Mariana Jaclyn Jaden Jonah Kaitlyn Kari Ke Krystal Leon Lillian Ling Michal Mira Miranda Phil Ravi Neal Nolan Peggy Tobias Priscilla Raphael Raquel Rich Rishi Riya Robyn Ruby Sanjay Savannah Siddharth Stacy Syed Winnie Yao Khalid Mohan Alvin Anand Anastasia Anirudh Annabelle Arianna Astrid Ayesha Brad Caitlyn Leila Candice Carina Carly Carson Chi Chiara Cody Conor Cooper Ilana Deepak Priyanka Yvette Elias Eliza Esmeralda Mari Flora Gabe Jeanne Giselle Yong Hugo Jasmin Jian Jiayi Joao Joey Johan Kaitlin Karan Krista Lakshmi Liang Linh Luca M. Maia Noel Mandy Mara Marcelo Meng Miles Mindy Ming Raj Nikita Nikki Noor Norma Pam Pete Ricky Rodolfo Roland Shane Shelley Shelly Sunil Vladimir Trisha Vivek Wayne Xinyu Xuan Ada Alexandria Arash Wyatt Becca Edith Wang Collin Dale Davis Rajesh Don Vikram Giulia Hayley Isaiah Ibrahim Jess Ji Jung Jillian Joaquin Josue Juliet June Kaylee Kerry Kristy Kyra Livia Matias Maureen Md Meg Melinda Mina Nadine Nelson Paola Pat Peyton Philipp Philippe Pranav Preston Ramya Renata Rhea Roman Sahil Sheena Shirin Shivani Shreyas Shruti Sneha Tamar Tian Valentina Vera Xi Xinyi Yael Yifei Ahmad Aileen Alessandro Alfredo Alisha Allie Allyson Ankit Antoine Anton Anusha Anya April Arlene Armando Belinda Bella Bernadette Bethany Betsy Bobby Boris Camilla Chad Forrest Clayton Cory Curtis Daria Deepa Dev Dian Jody Kavita Kirk Eliana Ernesto Esteban Fan Fei Frederick Gaurav Guilherme Guillaume Hilary Hillary Samir Jennie Leticia Karim Kieran Kris Kristi Larissa Leland Lesley Liana Lynne Mackenzie Manish Maxime Meagan Mei Mikaela Monika Saurabh Talia Murat Mustafa Nan Nichole Nico Ning Paolo Raghav Ran Rayan Roberta Rochelle Shelby Sidney Simone Soren Stefano Su Tania Tejas Tessa Tracey Xue Yiming Yuchen Zane Zheng Cyril Adi Agnes Aimee Alexandros Alfred Alisa Tricia Ankita Archana Ashish Athena Aubrey Ayush Becky Beverly Jo Britney Wu Carissa Carlo Cassie Clarissa Claudio Cristian Jacquelyn Dustin Eddie Eun Eve Fabio Francesco Franklin Frederic Gerardo German Gilbert Gonzalo Harold Hassan Hector Hua Igor Jana Johnny Josef Katy Kelley Kelli Kelvin Kent Kexin Konstantin Lana Lars Leonard Lilian Liza Long Magdalena Makoto Margot Mariam Marion Marshall Marvin Maxim Mehdi Mimi Moises Nathalie Neel Nestor Vijay Paulo Perry Qi Rebekah Renato Richa Rocio Roshan Roxanne Sabina Sabine Sachin Salma Salvador Sebastien Shan Shaun Sheng Sung Sunny Tanner Tenzin Terri Thu Tia Tommy Tong Trish Warren Xiang Yiwen Yixin Young Tran Adolfo Alain Alanna Alexia Amrita Ananth Ani Anika Annabel Anuj Arman Arvind Asha Asher Bailey Betty Blanca Brennan Byron C. Carole Catalina Cedric Celia Celina Celine Coco Corinne Dante Darlene Davide Deanna Deniz Derrick Di Dina Lora Meera Sarina Dwight Ed Lianne Elliott Ernest Ezra Francois Gene Gillian Gowri Guillermo Guy Hailey Hubert Ishita Israel Jasper Jeannie Jenn Jens Jerome Jiawei Joann Van Johnathan Joon Jordi Josiah Josie Julius Katharina Katya Khaled Kira Kun Kunal Le Leanne Leilani Lexi Libby Lila Lourdes Luc Luciana Luz Lynette Ting Maddie Madhu Marlene Martina Maryann Mehmet Mert Mollie Ms Nam Naveen Nicola Nidhi Nikolas Paloma Pei Piper Prakash Praveen Radhika Rania Rashmi Risa Rishabh Rong Roxana Rushil Saloni Selina Seung Shashank Shawna Shilpa Sid Skylar Winston Srikanth Sriram Suman Sun Susanne Tanvi Tao Thanh Tianyu Traci Trey Ty Uma Valentin Vinh Vishal Wai Won Yesenia Zhen Zihan Aarushi Adnan Agustin Tan Aiden Alden Alfonso Alix Alvaro Ami Anders Gonzalez Angelo Anish Zhou Anson Antonia Anuradha Arnav Arturo Ashlee Ashton Avery Avi Beatrice Benoit Billy Bing Brady Bruna Bryant Caio Carter Cassidy Chandra Cherie Mae Christoph Ciara Cj Clark Constance Dakota Dani Danica Daniella Darryl Dena Dmitry Dominik Donovan Dora Mikael Niki Nils Norah Duncan Earl Elsie Elyse Emi Ping Eran Esha Florence Gabby Giovanna Glen Gurpreet Hanan Hari Hasan Hieu Hiroyuki Hung Hye Irena Ismael Jacky Jakob Jeffery Yolanda Joo Jules Kabir Kaden Vinay Kat Kaushik Kenji Kennedy Kiara Komal Les Lia Lizzie Thi Lorraine Louisa Ma Mahesh Malcolm Malia Mallory Manu Marcel Margo Marielle Marin Marisol Marjorie Marty Meena Tori Michel Mohamad Mohsen Myra Nandita Ngoc Nik Nisha Nishant Omer Penny Phuong Qing Quynh Rabia Raghu Rami Ria Rodney Rohit Rosemary Roshni Rosie S. Sadie Sami San Sang Sawyer Seamus Selena Sergey Shalini Shana Sheri Sheryl Shiyu Shuo Shweta Siavash Sina Sofie Soheil Sonja Srinivas Suhas Surabhi Surya Susanna Swati Sylvie Takeshi Tami Vinod Tianyi Tj Toni Tonya Tyson Viviana Vivien Weston Xiaowei Xing Yihan Yonatan Youssef Yujin Yuki Yulia Yuqi Yusuke Yuxin Zack Zara Zhi Kaur Abbas Abdullah Abel Adela Adele Aishwarya Aj Akanksha Akshat Alaina Aldo Alondra Alyson Amalia Amar Amelie America Amin Amira An Andrey Aniket Anil Anisha Ankur Annemarie Xu Antoinette Anushka Aparna Aria Arielle Arne Arnold Artem Arushi Aryan Ashok Ashwini Avani Beverley Brendon Brenna Callie Cam Camilo Chantal Chelsey Chetan Colby Colton Conner Corinna Cyrus Dalia Dane Danna Dario Darius Darrell Daryl Dee Deepika Deirdre Denis Devan Dilip Dinesh Dirk Hoang Doris Dorothy Stacie Lizzy Maha Neda Thiago Drake Ekaterina Eleni Elina Elle Emilia Erwin Estelle Fanny Fatemeh Fatma Faye Medina Florian Franz G. Garry Gautam Gayle Jeong Genevieve Giancarlo Gil Graciela Greta Gus Hallie Haoran Hazel Saul Henrique Herman Rakesh Hossein Hugh Hyun Ilan Iliana Ilya Imran Song Ines Ioannis Ipshita Isha Ishan Janie Jarrod Jayant Jazmin Jeannine Jiacheng Jiyun Joelle Jong Jordyn Juanita Jude Juliane Julianne Juliette Junjie Kaan Kanika Kassandra Katarina Katja Katrin Kavya Keegan Keri Kiana Kimia Kirstin Kyla Kyung Lan Landon Laurence Laurent Lewis Lian Lili Linnea Lizbeth Lloyd Loren Lorna Lucie Lulu Lupe Lyn Maja Malika Mallika Sze Manisha Manoj Manuela Marcela Marcia Marguerite Mariah Marianna Mariko Massimo Mateo Mathias Mathieu Maximus Melina Merve Micaela Mihir Mikhail Milad Milan Milo Misha Mitch Mo Moritz Morteza Moses Myles Rohith Nathanael Neta Nikolaus Noa Olivier Uday Pallavi Patrice Patty Paulina Petra Poonam Prateek Preeti Raina Quan Quentin Rajan Rajat Ram Ramsey Rana Rebeca Reed Reena Reese Regan Reginald Reid Rekha Rex Reza Rhiannon Rhonda Ritu Rona Roya Ryann Saad Sage Sridhar Sanjana Seema Selin Shai Shay Sherri Sherwin Shiqi Shu Shubham Simran Siqi Siyu Soham Sonali Sri Stefania Sumana Xun Surbhi Susana T. Tai Tatum Terrance Thea Timmy Tomasz Trent Tri Trudy Usha Varsha Vicente Vikas Viktor Vinita Violet Vy Wade Wenhao Wenjie Xander Xiaowen Ximena Ye Yiwei Yujia Yulin Yuri Yusuf Yutong Yuwei Zac Zhe Zijian Zixuan M Solomon Aadi Abbey Abhijeet Adan Adelaide Aida Itzel Al Yin Aleksandar Aleksandra Alexa Kwang Alia Alireza Aliya Aliyah Alka Aly Alysson Amal Amani Amara Amirhossein Amna Anais Angus Anja Anmol Bryson Antoni Anu Apurva Arabella Liliana Maura Aravind Aris Arnaud Artur Gupta Shankar Asma Atharva Atsushi Aurora Aviv Avni Ayan Ayla Babak Ban Basil Bela Benny Bettina Bharat Krishnan Bharath Bhargav Bhavana Blaine Blair Bowen Brandi Britt Britta Brook Brynn Burcu Callum Liu Cary Catie Cayla Cecelia Cecile Chaitanya Chandler Chang Chenyi Chenyu Cheuk Cheyenne Chinmay Chong Christa Milton Christiane Chuck Chung Ciera Mayumi Clarisse Claude Clay Clifford Clinton Colette Conrad Constantin Cordelia Cornelia Corrine Yee Daiki Daisuke Dalton Damon Daniele Dara Darwin Dawson Deana Deb Deepti Deven Dianne Dick Dillon Dimitri Dinah Disha Guido Leena Niraj Renu E. Ece Eddy Elana Elia Emiliano Emilie Eugenia Everett Eyal Fabiana Fabienne Faith Farah Farnaz Feifei Ferdinand Fernanda Filip Franco Frankie Freddy Freya Gabriele Galen Garth Gautham Gayathri Gayatri Geoff Georgios Malgorzata Gerry Hamad Giacomo Gianna Ginger Gita Gladys Glenda Guillem Ha Hae Hai Hamed Hamza Hanson Haotian Harvey Haya Henrik Herbert Hilda Ho Huan Huy Iain Ina Ira Irma Irvin Isa Isabela Izzy J Jacques Jad Jada Jai Jamal Janae Janani Janine Jaqueline Jayne Jayson Jazmine Jelena Jeremiah Jewel Jiawen Jinho Jiwon Jj Joachim Jonathon Juana Julianna Julieta Kang Karishma Kasey Katelin Katia Kaya Kazuki Keenan Keiko Kerem Keshav Kiera Khanh Nguyen Kirsti Koen Kristopher Ksenia Lacey Laila Lauryn Layla Leif Leigh Leonid Levi Leyla Lincoln Lior Liwen Loretta Lou Luigi Lyle Mac Magnus Maliha Malte Manan Manasi Manpreet Mansi Marcello Maribel Maricela Mariel Marija Maritza Marius Marlon Matan Mathilde Matilde Maxine Mckenna Meghana Mehrdad Melvin Mengyuan Mercedes Mika Mikayla Mila Milena Mingyu Mitra Moira Sameer Na Naama Nanci Nandini Natalya Neelam Negar Nelia Nia Nic Vamsi Niklas Nima Nirali Olena Oriana Paras Paris Patti Phong Phyllis Pieter Polly Prasad Ramesh Prerna Priscila Prithvi Pulkit Rajiv Ramona Randi Rani Reina Remy Reva Reyna Reynaldo Riccardo Richie Rika Robby Romain Rosalind Rosanne Rowan Roxane Rudy Ruohan Ryota Saachi Sal Sallie Saman Samira Sammy Sana Sandeep Sangeeta Sejal Sen Shadi Shaina Shari Shauna Shayan Sheetal Shin Shira Sho Shoshana Shriya Shun Si Sidd Siddhartha Simona Siobhan Skye Sonam Sonny Soo Soumya Sowmya Sreya Srishti Stephane Sunita Sven Swetha Tabitha Tae Tal Taryn Tasha Tate Tatyana Teddy Teja Terence Teri Terrence Thalia Thao Theodora Thuy Tingting Trang Tushar Uri Vadim Valery Vasu Veena Veronika Vicki Vignesh Vinicius Viraj Vivienne Walker Wilder Wilfred Willie Willow Xiaochen Xiaolin Xiaoxia Xiaoyu Yair Yanjun Yanli Yasmeen Yasmine Yen Yiran Yiting Yoko Yuhan Yuhao Yuqing Yutian Zainab Zeynep Zhiwei Zi Zixin Ziyue Holland Elan Washington A. A.j. Aakanksha Aakash Aaryan Aayush Abhay Abhi Addie Addison Adeline Adithya Adrianna Aisha Aisling Akhil Akhila Akiko Ala Alaa Alba Alban Perez Aleena Alessia Alessio Alexi Alistair Alok Alp Alycia Amari Amaya Amer Amina Amita Amr Anabel Analisa Anant Aneesh Angeline Saha Patel Anju Annalisa Anoushka Antony Anudeep Anuja Anupama Anwesha Ao Apollo Apoorva Ariane Arianne Armand Armin Aron Arpita Art Mani Arvin Ashleigh Ashutosh Asia Atul Audra Augustin Augustine Aurelia Avinash Ayaan Ayana Ayelet Ayodele Siyi B. Bala Bao Barton Bea Behzad Belen Benedikt Bennett Berk Bernardo Bethel Bhavika Bhavya Bin Binh Bita Bohan Bojan Boyang Braden Bradford Brandy Breanna Breno Bret Brice Brigitte Brittney Bryn Burak Campbell Candace Candy Carey Carlotta Lima Catarina Cate Catrin Cem Chandan Charbel Charu Cheri Chester Chih Ching Christelle Christi Christin Christophe Chu Chuan Zachariah Cici Cierra Cisco Clarence Claudette Clement Cleopatra Cliff Corrie Creed Crista Cristobal Joleen D. Dahlia Damian Dania Daphna Dasha Davina Deanne Deena Derick Desmond Destiny Devansh Dhruva Dianna Dimitrios Diogo Yoon Dolores Doreen Dorian Dorien Dorsa Kin Masoud Michiko N. Namrata Nikolay Ozge Ronit Duy Ebru Edmond Efrain Ege Ehsan Ela Eliot Elli Ellyn Elmer Emerson Emil Emilee Eri Erich Eryn Estefania Estefany Estela Eugenie Evgeny Fangfei Faraz Farrah Huang Finn Fletcher Florencia Ford Fran Francisca Franziska Gal Galina Gang Garrison Ge Gema Genesis Georg Georgi Georgina Geraldine Geri Ghazal Gilberto Ginny Gisele Giuseppe Gokhan Nana Grady Gray Grayson Gregg Guan Guillermina Gunnar Guo H. Hadar Hala Halima Hamilton Trieu Hang Hank Hansen Haowen Harper Harsh Hau Rolando Heena Helene Hendrik Hester Himanshu Hind Hirotaka Hongtao Johnson Ido Ilaria Ileana Iman Imee Imogen Indu Inigo Inna Ioana Ion Irmak Irving Isadora Isela Ishani Ismail Isobel Issac Itamar Iva Ivana Jacinda Jackelyn Jacopo Jamil Marte Janette Janos Jayden Jean-pierre Jed Jensen Jessika Jessy Jialu Jiarui Jiayu Jingjing Jingwei Jintao Jinyoung Jiyeon Jochen Jodi Jodie Josselyn Ju Junyang Junyoung Justus Justyna Ka Kaavya Kaela Kaia Kailey Kalani Kaleb Kali Kalina Kalkidan Kalpana Kamal Kana Kanchan Kannan Kapil Karissa Karol Karolina Karthikeyan Kasper Kassie Katerina Kawin Kayleigh Kaylie Kaylin Keanu Keira Keisuke Kellen Kelsea Kelsi Kemi Kenan Kenzie Keren Keyu Khoa Khoi Kian Michela Kimberley Kimi King Kingsley Klaus Konrad Korina Krish Kristian Kristoffer Kwabena Ky Kylee Kyu Lane Langston Laszlo Latha Latoya Lavanya Teng Layton Leandra Leann Leanna Leili Lekha Lennart Leonel Leroy Lester Lexie Lihua Lilit Lingling Lingyan Lingyun Liv Lois Lola Lucien Lucille Ludwig Luiz Luka Luna Luong Mabel Maeve Mahlet Mahmoud Maile Maiya Makayla Malinda Malissa Marcella Marci Marcie Mareike Marek Maren Marika Marilou Marla Marlen Marlo Marsha Marti Marwa Maryanne Masha Maurizio Mayank Mayra Meaghan Meenakshi Megumi Mehran Melis Merry Mickey Midori Mildred Millie Mingming Minjin Miri Mirko Mirna Moe Mohit Morris Rainer Mun Murray Nabil Nada Nadim Nadja Nadya Naima Nandi Naoko Rao Naz Nazanin Neeraj Nell Ngan Nhi Nhu Ni Nickolas Nicolai Nicolo Nikola Niles Satya Nivedita Noe Nona Nour Nova Obinna Odette Ofelia Ofir Oguz Oleg Ophir Orlando Oskar Pankaj Parisa Parth Parul Pascal Pavel Pawan Payton Pearl Pedram Pema Penelope Petr Pia Po Prachi Pradeep Pragya Kushagra Pranay Prarthna Prashanth Qingqing Quang Rachana Racheal Radoslaw Raghad Ragini Raja Ramiro Raunak Reshma Reuben Rey Rhoda Richelle Rina Rishab Ritika Robbie Rocky Rogelio Romina Romy Ronan Ronda Ronny Rosario Rosemarie Rosina Royce Ru Rudolf Ruoxi Rush Sadaf Safa Sagar Sajan Salman Samara Samina Samson Samy Sandhya Sandip Sania Santhosh Santi Santosh Sarahi Sarthak Saskia Satish Saumya Sayed Scot Scotty Selene Selma Senthil Sergei Shaden Shaili Shang Shanna Shanshan Shaunak Shayna Shea Shefali Sheldon Shengjie Sherif Shi Shikha Khanna Shree Shuai Shwetha Shyam Signe Silas Silvana Sindy Sirui Siva Siyuan Smita Sohail Soledad Soomin Sourav Soyeon Stan Steph Sudeep Sulaiman Sumeet Sumer Sumit Suraj Sushant Sushma Suzan Suzette Svetlana Swathi Tadashi Takahiro Takao Takuya Tam Tammie Tanmay Tarun Tasnim Terrell Themistoklis Thien Thom Tiana Tiantian Tito Toby Toru Trina Tsuyoshi Tuan Ulysses Vaidehi Val Valentino Vance Vaughn Venkata Vidya Vimal Vince Vineet Virgilio Viswanath W. Wan Wenchao Wendi Wenjia Wentao Wenxi Wes Wiley Wojciech Xiangyu Xiaohan Xiaojing Xiaoyan Xiaoying Xiaoyuan Xinyuan Xiyuan Xueying Yanan Yancheng Yannick Yasaman Yasser Yasu Yawen Yelena Yichao Yichen Yiheng Yijun Yilin Yiling Yingfei Yingjie Yipeng Yiqing Yiqun Yiren Yixuan Yiyang Yiyi Yiyun Yoni Yoo Yoshitaka Yubin Yuecheng Yufei Yujie Yuko Yumi Yunfei Yunzhi Yuqian Yuta Yuval Yuxi Yuyang Yuzhe Zhihan Zhiyuan Ziang Zijun Zitong Ziyi Ziyu Zoey August English Flavia History India Lilly Mechanical Nitin Riki Roma Trinity

A human touch

While the summary statistics are a curious novelty, we want to take the space to recognize that names carry deep personal, cultural and historical significance that extends well beyond a particular string of letters. That is to say, every Michael is their own, unique person! For Yvonne Ngo, the assistant director for tutoring and student learning programs, her last name used to be a source of embarrassment and confusion. However, through the years, Yvonne would eventually gain an appreciation for the rich history surrounding her last name.

“Ngo not only signifies my heritage, but also symbolizes the hurdles my parents encountered in their youth,” she said. “It is a testament to their resilience and the complex connection between identity and history in our family story. Today, I take pride in my last name, embracing it and its influences on my identity.”

In this same spirit, the “story of your name” activity has become a key icebreaker among CTL tutors. Yvonne believes that as each person unveils the layers of meaning behind their names, we can create an inclusive space where people appreciate the diverse backgrounds that make up our community.

Beyond connecting members of our community, names also serve as key anchor points for our own identity.

“My name … means ‘the sky,’” said Akash Shah ’26. “To me, this is one of the most important aspects of my identity.”

“Metaphorically, the sky represents a lot of my personal values. As a vast, never-ending expanse of space that encompasses not only the earth, but everything we as humans can see and imagine, the sky symbolizes limitless and never-ending opportunities for growth and expansion as well as an unrestrained freedom to pursue whatever I set my heart to,” Shah said.

In essence, names are not mere labels we use to address each other, but rather symbols that have the power to connect communities and our sense of self.

Future work

In the future, we would like to look into the temporal trends concerning names at Stanford. That is to say, how has the distribution of names at Stanford changed over the past few decades? Another fun direction is to infer demographic information from the first and last names. Upon doing so, we might find that interesting patterns emerge across ethnic lines. At the very least, the United States Census Bureau seems to think this is the case. But, alas, for brevity’s sake we will end our discussion here (for now).

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