Between the Black and White (III): Silver Gray

March 6, 2024, 5:54 p.m.

– three pieces of prose in the color of silver gray

I. The rain here has long ceased, leaving behind only lingering traces of its presence. I hold onto the belief that it has not merely passed through but has, in fact, bestowed upon me its gentle kisses. I extend my wishes, hoping that the rain, in its transient dance, carries with it a sense of spiritual enrichment for you. The night, draped in its chilly embrace, prompts introspection.

As I fix my gaze upon the moonlit sky, I find myself immersed in the tender glow that bathes the surroundings. It’s a peculiar softness, one that captivates with its inexplicable charm, leaving me uncertain of how to navigate its ethereal essence. I recognize that I might be akin to a devotee of moonlight, intimately acquainted with its allure and the capricious changes it undergoes. I wonder, do you, too, share a connection with the moon, embracing its beauty and embracing the unpredictability it brings?

II. Ambiguity, always thought of as the melancholy beauty of the setting sun, and never imagined to be as refreshing and sweet as the taste of mint, a gentle and tranquil beauty.

The beginning of this feeling is a miracle. Perhaps because of no expectations, it came too quickly, and too strongly, to the point where it freely expressed discontent and disdain for time and space.

In the cold wind, sitting on the back of a motorcycle, wrapped in his leather jacket, leaning on his back, half-closing my eyes, gazing at the starry sky.

“What are you looking at?”

The fairy tale of the night.

I exhale into the crisp, freezing air. The city’s contemporary and glamorous lights illuminate the urban landscape. I wonder, could they also illuminate something within me?


III. The nightfall in Vienna, reluctant to descend, resembles a kiss from Klimt – an indulgence of tenderness yet strangely surreal.

The green traffic lights for pedestrians in Vienna always seem to urge people to hastily cross each intersection, as if engaging in a purposeless forward movement. On the contrary, the prolonged red lights restrain individuals, forcing them to gaze at the swiftly passing vehicles of time before plunging into contemplation. All of this, only to swiftly traverse that intersection, moving forward with no apparent purpose.

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