Founder’s Campfire: Shobha Dasari on empowering chronic disease patients with Flair Health

April 2, 2024, 11:25 p.m.

Founder’s Campfire is a podcast show created and hosted by Tran Le, a senior at Stanford studying computer science. Through reflective conversations with early founders, Le hopes to build a community of founders focused on reflection, sharing and growth at Stanford and beyond. Whether you’re a founder, dreamer, investor or simply a curious listener, there’s a place for you around the campfire. Join Le and her guests as she shares stories, insights and lessons from their entrepreneurial journeys.

In the episode “Shobha Dasari on empowering chronic disease patients with Flair Health,” Tran Le interviews Shobha Dasari, a Stanford graduate and YC alum, who shares her journey from growing up with a chronic health condition to founding Flair Health — a startup focusing on chronic disease management. Dasari discusses her early healthcare experience as she dealt with her chronic conditions, her research leading to the creation of the “Hacking Healthcare” book, and the experiences that shaped her understanding of the healthcare system’s shortcomings. Dasari stresses the importance of building a sustainable business model and describes how Flair Health leverages insurance billing codes to offer nutrition counseling and health coaching for patients with chronic conditions, integrated into existing clinics. Dasari reflects on the challenges of confidence and managing a health condition while being an ambitious founder, and invites listeners in the healthcare and autoimmune condition space to connect with her.

00:50 Dasari’s healthcare journey: From chronic condition to hacking healthcare

09:17 Flair Health: Revolutionizing chronic disease management

14:30 Building a team and business model: Insights from Flair Health’s journey

23:24 YC experience and personal growth: Dasari’s startup journey

27:51 Dasari’s key takeaways: Facing challenges and embracing confidence

31:53 How to support and get involved with Flair Health

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