Sunday, May 28th, 2023

About the Editorial Board


The Editorial Board consists of a chair appointed by the editor in chief and six other members. At least four of the board’s members are previous/current Daily affiliates, and at least one is a member of the Stanford community who is new to The Daily. The final member can be either. The editor in chief is an ex-officio member (not included in the count of six), who may debate on and veto articles but cannot vote or otherwise contribute to the writing process.

Pieces are published under the byline and signed by the Board. The votes of individual board members are not published, though all pieces include a notice that opinions expressed reflect the view of the Board and not individuals.

The Editorial Board debates issues and writes pieces together. A supermajority of five out of seven voting members is needed to approve a piece for publication.

Pieces focus on issues that relate directly to the Stanford community. The Editorial Board is neutral with regard The Daily, not acting from a supportive or critical lens of The Daily’s own coverage. Articles are rhetorical and aim to offer concrete solutions to problems identified. The Board is intended to further productive, thoughtful discourse. The Board’s pieces are generally subject to the relevant opinions section policies.


Voting members:

Joyce Chen ’25 (Editorial Board chair, Vol. 263)
Senkai Hsia ’24 (member of the Editorial Board)
YuQing Jiang ’25 (Opinions desk editor, Vol. 263)
Nadia Jo ’24 (member of the Editorial Board)
Alondra Martinez ’26 (Opinions columnist, Vol. 263)
Anoushka Rao ’24 (managing editor of Opinions, Vol. 263)
Shan Reddy ’23 (member of the Editorial Board)

Ex-officio (non-voting) members:

Sam Catania ’24 (editor in chief, Vol. 262 and 263).

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