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Programs for high schoolers (offered remotely in 2021)


Calling All High School Students:
Apply to The Daily’s fall programs!

To apply for the tech and website design bootcamp, click here.

To learn about our 5-Week, All-Remote Fall 2021 Multimedia Workshop, read on!

Click here to access the application (don’t worry, it’s short!).

Deadline to Apply: September 20th, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

The Stanford Daily is offering its 5-week all-remote Multimedia Workshop this fall, open to high school students interested in podcast, photo and video journalism! This is an introductory-level course led by our top editors in The Daily’s multimedia sections. NO EQUIPMENT is required to participate, besides access to a computer and phone.

Over the course of the 5-week program, participants will learn the technical and non-technical components of producing high-quality podcast, photo and video journalism, including how to conduct remote video and audio interviews, editing, scripting and more. Mid-way through the workshop, students will be encouraged to team up on final projects using the skills they’ve learned along the way, building up to a project showcase at the program’s end. 

This is a paid program with full and partial need-based aid offered to all accepted applicants under an honor system (see below for more detail).

Through our multimedia workshop, we help high schoolers get their work published on The Stanford Daily’s website as they receive one-on-one guidance from Daily editors in weekly check-in meetings and lessons. There will also be live weekly webinars with speakers including visiting Stanford journalism professor Geri Migielicz, who has received the Emmy Award and Pulitzer Prize for her work. We immerse participants in the experience through a dedicated Slack workspace where communication is regular, as editors guide participants through their work individually on a day-to-day basis.

Participants will develop a sense for what is newsworthy, what tools make multimedia journalism more meaningful to audiences, what ethical principles to keep in mind and how to get their work published for real-world experience that will prepare them for college journalism and up their game in high school as well. Our work is complemented by social activities: We want you to have the opportunity to connect with fellow participants and Daily staffers!

Participants will be expected to put in at least seven hours of work each week, but they can work as many hours as they’d like, as our editors are always on call to help with participants’ projects and get them published to our audience.

Each week, participants meet with their assigned editors and beat (a group of about 10 writers with 2 editors, for a 5:1 participant-to-editor ratio). Participants will meet with the editors in separate one-on-one meetings each week as well. At these meetings, participants will reflect on the content from that week’s lesson and speaker event. There are also weekly training/workshop sessions and webinars featuring professionals from the field, as well as office hours for students seeking technical help with editing.

Editors are on call throughout each week, aiding participants in their work and getting it published on for audiences to view. This model prepares participants for college journalism through real work experience.

We work with all of our participants in a dedicated Slack workspace that makes it so easy for any given participant to get help from a Daily staffer at virtually any time.

The workshop will be held on Monday and Thursday evenings (Pacific Time) from Monday, Sept. 27th, 2021 to Friday, October 29th, 2021. DON’T WORRY if you cannot attend all of the remote training sessions. We understand circumstances are still rapidly changing for many of us, and we will take measures such as sharing extensive notes and recording the training sessions (participants will not be recorded) to ensure resources are accessible to our participants. It is okay to participate in The Daily’s workshop and other extracurriculars concurrently, as you can shape your own schedule in our program.

The program fee for 5 weeks is $1245 total (about $249/week), accepted via Paypal. This goes toward The Daily’s operational costs, including the pay of Daily editors who staff our program. If participants have any incomplete projects left upon the program’s official end date, we will work with them to see those projects to completion at no additional cost.

We have both partial and full need-based scholarships available to all students. We are committed to offering financial aid scholarships to ALL accepted students with need, and there are no complicated financial forms that we require to enable this process. If either a partial or full need-based scholarship would make a difference in helping you participate in our program, simply indicate your preferred amount in the program application and we will work to meet everyone’s need in full.

If you have any questions related to financial aid or would like to meet with us to discuss options, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] We are committed to working with you to put together a scholarship package that meets your needs.


Want more information?

Feel free to email [email protected] with any additional questions!

Click here to access the application (don’t worry, it’s short!). 

Deadline to Apply: September 20th, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

We will evaluate applications on a rolling basis and get back to you with a decision/next steps within one week of receiving your application.

Free Fridays lecture series

Since September 2020, we have offered a series of FREE mini workshops open to the public, led by our top editors and section leaders! Learn how to craft a great news lede, make graphics, create beautiful data visualizations in Flourish, draft a compelling opinion, and more!

Our workshops are beginner-friendly, and no experience is required! Whether you’re a high school student with no prior journalism experience or an experienced writer who’s interested in picking up some new skills, our workshops are open to individuals of any skill level and background.

All you need is access to a computer with Internet connection — any software or tools we will demonstrate are free and open-source.

More dates to come in the near future!

You can sign up using this form (also embedded below) to receive reminders.

Our paid programs offer full and partial need-based aid to all accepted applicants under an honor system.