Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

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Hi! I’m Eleni, and I’m the business manager and chief operating officer of The Daily. The Daily’s business team plans and executes a variety of projects to support the operations of The Daily at large, and we’re recruiting new project managers! Below are some of the current projects we’re planning to work on during this fiscal year.

Current open projects: 

  • Yearbook marketing: Pioneer outreach and marketing strategy via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok platforms to reach the most customers and generate book sales.
  • College essay book/newsletter: Help us create a book with an accompanying newsletter from start to finish, including sourcing essays, writing analysis, publishing and marketing/sales.
  • Fundraising and alumni engagement: Create alumni-facing content for our alumni site (alumni.stanforddaily.com); plan, market and host virtual events for Daily alums and staffers; support our phone and email banking efforts to generate alumni donations to fund our Opportunity Fellowship program.
  • High school programs: Help us market The Daily’s high school programs to students across the country and build relationships with journalism advisors, as well as develop content for a high school business manager case competition.

The minimum weekly time commitment is ~5 hours per week (inclusive of meetings and project work). These are just a few of the projects we’re developing right now, and we are always open to new suggestions! We don’t require any previous business experience to join. Feel free to send any questions or project ideas my way at [email protected]

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