Saturday, November 26th, 2022

Photos | Nature and its killers

Whenever you walk down a street you regularly take, what do you notice? On my way home from school, I always saw something on the ground: trash. It was surprising to see so much trash every single day. Some things stay there for a few days, while other things get cleaned up. Even when the trash does get cleaned up, new trash always replaces it and destroys the peaceful scenery.

Our careless actions are slowly destroying the Earth we took for granted. We need to recognize how small things like a mask left on the streets can destroy the beauty of nature.

A tree with orange leaves.
Fall tree with orange leaves
Hershey’s chocolate wrapper on the sidewalk.
Hershey’s chocolate wrapper on the sidewalk
Tissue on the sidewalk.
Tissue on the sidewalk
A faded no parking sign lies by a tree trunk.
Faded “no parking” sign
A surgical mask lies on the road with leaf litter.
Mask on the road
No parking sign on the sidewalk.
“No parking” sign on the sidewalk
Arizona iced tea bottle on the grass by the sidewalk.
Arizona iced tea bottle on the sidewalk
Crumpled paper on grass
Crumpled paper on grass
Oreo wrapper on grass
Oreo wrapper on grass
Lake surrounded by trees.
Lake surrounded by trees behind school
A carboard food container by a tree trunk by water.
Lunch trash by the lake
A milk carton laying among flowers and leaves on the ground.
Milk thrown away near lake
A hot sauce packer on the ground by some leaves.
Hot sauce by the lake
Unfinished Lay’s chips by some rocks
Unfinished Lay’s chips by the lake
Blue sky and yellow leaf
Blue sky and yellow leaf
A small three-leafed plant growing from the dirt.
New plant growing
Colorful flowers
Colorful flowers
Bright yellow flowers
Bright yellow flowers
Green leaves on a thin brown stem
Green leaves
Yellow fall leaf
Yellow fall leaf
A shot of grass from the ground level

Photo gallery by Rayna Joohyun Lee. Lee is a high schooler producing content as a part of the The Stanford Daily’s 2021 High School Multimedia Workshop.

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