Review: The Axe and Palm

Oct. 1, 2010, 12:37 a.m.

Review: The Axe and PalmIt’s a typical Axe and Palm situation: another Tuesday afternoon and an empty stomach still on East Coast time. Naturally it’s 3 p.m. and no other dining hall is open for another two hours.

Thankfully, the 3 p.m. stomach is one of The Axe and Palm’s greatest demographics – that and the 1 a.m. liver on a Friday night.

Remember last year when they remade the menu and had very healthy items? This year, TAP realized that didn’t work. Burgers and milkshakes abound.

The Axe and Palm has gotten a little fancier, too. Diners can now find bison and lamb burgers on the menu. The menu also now resembles that of a fast food restaurant where you can buy either the sandwich or the combo. Only two minutes after ringing up an order for the bison burger with a side of waffle fries, the order was ready. With regular fries (…obviously not everything has changed). Luckily this situation was quickly rectified.

Looking for a table, space is much more open than it was last year, but also very much football-oriented, living up to “The Axe” nomenclature. In the main seating area they’ve added a very noticeable addition to the décor, a full wall picture of the Red Zone at a football game. It’s a little intense the first time you look at it, but it looks a little like the crowd is cheering for the patrons.

The burger was fantastic! When it comes to the Axe and Palm, the food is the most important thing, and they got this spot on.

What is on the menu is about half of what the Axe and Palm has to offer. They have a wide variety of drinks and pre-made sandwiches if you’re on the go. The best and most important thing is that they take meal plan dollars! When you find yourself with a 3 p.m. stomach and you need something quick, go to the Axe and Palm and get cheered on for eating.

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