The App Roundup: Dec. 1

Dec. 1, 2010, 9:00 a.m.

The App Roundup: Dec. 1
(TIM SHI/The Stanford Daily)

Google Voice

Apple finally let this through. The Google Voice app sat in the approval stage of the app store for over a year before finally being allowed onto iPhones. iOs users have always had access to all of the Google Voice features through Google’s Web app, but now users can easily keep Voice at their fingertips through the app.

The app brings some new features such as push notifications for texts and voicemails but is otherwise pretty much the same as the Web app. Both iPhone and Voice contacts can be accessed to initiate calls and send texts and voicemails can be heard or read (transcripts) from within the app.

If you’re already a Google Voice user, check out the app. It definitely makes things easier.



This addictive physics adventure game is the love child of Mario Galaxy and Cut the Rope. You are a brave astronaut, leaping from planet to planet in your travels through galaxies and star systems. Planets will spin under you and you have to time your jumps to aim in the right direction. With some practice you will be sling-shotting around planets in no time. Oh, and remember to watch out for the evil aliens that want to eat you and the man-made planets that seem to always do something bad if you stay on them too long.


Find My iPhone

This Apple-created app has been out on the market for some time but only recently has its service become free to all iOs device owners. As long as the app is installed on a device, the lost phone can be instantly located by another iOs device using the Find My iPhone app. The app shows the location of the missing item on a map and allows the user to remotely lock, wipe or send a message for the finder to see on the screen.

If you haven’t already, install this app. You’ll be thankful on that unfortunate day your iPhone gets left behind.


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