Election ballot finalized, GSC candidate list not yet released

March 28, 2011, 2:35 a.m.

With the extended petitioning deadline for junior class president slates and Graduate Student Council (GSC) candidates now passed, the ASSU Elections Commission has finalized the ballot for this spring’s election, which will take place on Apr. 7 to Apr. 8.

All petitions have been validated, and the commission released the voter guide over spring break. The final deadline for candidates, slates and Special Fee groups to submit statements for the guide is Apr. 6.

Three slates for junior class president declared before the extended deadline, which was set for Mar. 18. All three—“Leland Stanford Juniors,” “Free Weezy” and “J-Six”—gathered enough validated signatures to appear on the ballot, clearing the 100-signature minimum.

“Free Weezy” lists only four members, whereas the two remaining slates each have six members. A recent rule change increased the maximum number of individuals allowed on a class president slate from five to six.

Though the deadline for GSC candidates to declare passed on Mar. 18 as well, the Elections Commission has not released a list of candidates, either through its website or its e-mail list. Unlike Undergraduate Senate candidates, GSC candidates are not required to petition to appear on the ballot; they automatically gain a spot by declaring their candidacy.

The rest of the ballot will feature three executive slates, 51 Special Fee groups, 41 Senate candidates and an advisory referendum question on the return of ROTC to campus.

–Kabir Sawhney

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