Graphical analysis of ASSU election

April 11, 2011, 2:40 a.m.
Endorsements were crucial in helping candidates get elected. Ben Laufer '12 was the only senator elected without having any endorsements. (ANASTASIA YEE/The Stanford Daily)
Voter turnout was the highest on record among undergraduates, driven by a 20 percent turnout increase among the sophomore class. However, graduate students voted in much lower numbers, and some GSC candidates won races with less than five write-in votes. (ANASTASIA YEE/The Stanford Daily)
Both the pro-ROTC coalition and the Campaign to Abstain claimed victory on Measure A. "Support" was the most popular response, but votes for "Abstain" and "Oppose" combined outweighed "Support" votes. (ANASTASIA YEE/The Stanford Daily)

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