University statement on Chi Theta Chi lease discussions

May 3, 2012, 12:12 a.m.

Stanford University and the Chi Theta Chi Alumni Board have been actively engaged in a dialogue regarding the status of the Chi Theta Chi house at 576 Alvarado Row. The University has listened to the concerns of students and alumni and has decided to enter into a re-structured agreement with Chi Theta Chi alumni organization that will govern the house for a minimum of two years.

The University has exercised its option not to renew the current lease for the house, effective September 1, 2012, at which time the University will have legal ownership of the house, collect student funds for housing, and pay for repairs; however, the alumni organization will continue to be responsible for the ongoing management and oversight of the residential program, food/board provision, and student staffing. This arrangement allows the Chi Theta Chi alumni organization to demonstrate that it is qualified to take over and sustain management of the house once the University has confidence that the alumni organization will maintain a reliably safe, healthy and productive educational experience and living environment for Stanford undergraduates.

Stanford University has a long-standing commitment to independent houses and sees them as a vital and important piece of the rich cultural fabric of the undergraduate experience. This does not preclude the University from having expectations for these communities. Chi Theta Chi is indeed a special place, as is evidenced by the passionate commitment of its residents and alumni. Our ideal is for Chi Theta Chi to regain its independence while also meeting or exceeding our shared expectations. Specific expectations and details of this arrangement are still being worked out.

Our expectation is that the alumni organization of Chi Theta Chi will take the next two to three years to demonstrate the sustained ability to manage house staffing, establish corporate self-governance, and create an effective partnership with the University that will ensure the house is operated with a commitment to life safety and University community values.


Greg Boardman

Vice Provost for Student Affairs 

Shirley Everett

Senior Associate Vice Provost for Residential & Dining Enterprises


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