Op-Ed | Join the May 3 Day of Refusal

We encourage all members of all campus communities, whether or not classes are in session at their institution, to withhold their labor on May 3 in solidarity with the movement to abolish campus police and all police in general.

Letter to the Community: Vote to approve amendments to the ASSU Constitution

Since the beginning of 2021, the Constitutional Review Committee, a team of both graduate and undergraduate students holding a variety of roles both within and outside of the ASSU, has evaluated the Constitution and developed recommendations for changes to the document. Several key recommendations, passed unanimously by both the Undergraduate Senate and the Graduate Student Council, appear on the ballot this week.

Letter to the Community: The future of Outdoor House

Our application imagined a theme house which removes recreation from the spotlight in favor of education, reflection, and action. We believe deeply that spending time in nature makes us healthier and happier, helps us become better people, and can form relationships that last a lifetime.

On policing at Stanford

Our current historical moment has placed new pressure on Stanford to transform its existing unjust practices. Following the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, more people protested this summer than in any movement in American history.

SLS alumni in support of the Black Law Students Association

In the past years, SLS has had numerous opportunities to demonstrate a genuine investment in its students of color, first-generation, and low-income students. While administrations change, these most recent movements documented nearly two decades’ worth of duplicated efforts and known, solvable problems, many of which remain unsolved.

Beyond Sex Ed: Stories from Google

Maybe if I had found someone on the Internet that told me this, maybe if one of my friends had shared this, or maybe if there had been someone on the Beyond Sex Ed stage that laid out this story, my experiences with relationships in college might’ve been different. But I am where I am: Jen and I are still broken up and hookup culture isn’t appealing to me. And that’s okay, because maybe others can learn from my story.

Reverse Town Hall: Open-letter invitation to admin

The beginning of fall quarter is only weeks away, and the administration has yet to release a plan detailing its efforts to address our concerns. As a result, Abolish Stanford, the Black Graduate Students Association, Sexual Violence Free Stanford, the Stanford Basic Needs Coalition and the Stanford Solidarity Network are proud to announce that we have formed a coalition working to amplify the student body’s demands.

Letter to the Community: It’s time to end Greek life at Stanford

Now is the time to not just reflect on these organizations’ roots and problematic positions on campus, but also to actualize real change and not merely reforms. We can’t keep pretending that the system will magically or naturally fix itself. Nor can we pretend that a system built on the premise of elitist exclusion will ever be inclusive.

An open response to Stanford leadership from the athletic community

On July 8, 2020, you announced that Stanford will permanently discontinue 11 varsity athletic programs at the conclusion of the 2020-2021 academic year. This decision is devastating to our community in profound and personal ways. The lack of transparency, adequate notice and failure to include the Stanford community in the decision-making process stands in direct opposition to Stanford University’s commitment to its values.

A path forward for fossil fuel divestment

On June 12th, the Stanford University Board of Trustees neglected their ethical responsibility and decided not to divest from the top 100 oil and natural gas companies. We have been heartened by the responses of the student body, faculty, and broader Bay community—over the past 8 years and especially in recent weeks—yet we remain deeply concerned that the Board’s June 12th statement is the product of an unrepresentative divestment process. This process has excluded these necessary community voices and fails to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for its legacy of human rights abuses and climate disinformation campaigns. While Fossil Free Stanford has provided a detailed response to the Board’s decision, we want to highlight briefly the flaws in the recent divestment process and outline a path forward.
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