Roxy Sass Raises the Flag (Pole)

May 4, 2012, 12:48 a.m.

Although Roxy is hardly a traditional girl, there’s one Stanford tradition with a special place in her heart –  or, more accurately, her libido.

Exotic Erotic, the legendary event hosted by 680 Lomita, encourages girls to wear two articles of clothing and guys to wear just one. Featuring a patriotic theme this year, Exotic’s got Roxy excited to raise some flagpoles. And in the spirit of pursuing happiness, Roxy’s got some tips to keep your night erotic without the “ick.”

Flashy but not trashy

Like the star spangled banner, certain sights are best saved for “dawn’s early light,” rather than the 680 dance floor. While Roxy fully supports freedom of expression, especially when that expression involves partial nudity, sometimes it’s better to leave something to the imagination. And remember, clothing is like alcohol – know your limits.

Find a way to enjoy the long…lines

While extra length is rarely a bad thing, the wait to get into the party can reach extremes that even Roxy can’t handle. Roxy suggests putting that time to good use – scope out prospects or hit on the security guards (nothing like a man – or woman – in uniform). And if the night gets too cold, find a cutie and get real close (with permission)…for body heat, of course.

Don’t do it on the dance floor

With so much half-naked grinding in a crowded, sweaty space, some (westward) expansion is bound to happen. But if you feel the urge to plant your flag in somebody’s Plymouth rock, Roxy encourages you to migrate into new territory…outdoors. Though there’s nothing wrong with the occasional public make-out in the 680 lounge, hooking up in said lounge in the midst of sweaty, scantily clad freshmen verges on orgy status. For those of you who’d rather channel your Roman inclinations into great costumes for SAE’s toga party, moving outside provides marginally more sanitary conditions and the chance to check interesting hookup locales off your bucket list (hello, Scary Path).

Embrace the heckling

At its core, Exotic is about exhibitionism. And what’s the point of putting on a show without an audience? The fact that the audience consists mostly of frat boys on couches just means that this weekend is no different than any other. For those unwilling to shed their clothes (or their dignity), participating in the pre-Exotic heckling, or at least taking in the sights, can be a fun alternative.

Also looking to check Scary Path off your bucket list? Roxy is frighteningly good. Arrange a rendezvous at [email protected].

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